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School board candidates discuss issues


The Brunswick News

Three of nine candidates for the Glynn County board of education say they would close Altama Elementary first if a dwindling educaiton budget forced school consolidation.

Others said they would have to do more research into the matter before making a decision.

The Republican candidates were polled on the issue during a Republican-hosted forum Thursday at First United Methodist Church in Brunswick. They will face the voters Tuesday.

District 3 candidates Noel Jensen and incumbent John Madala, as well as At-Large Post 2 candidate L.A. Chancey, said because of the age, condition and location of Altama Elementary, it would likely be the best first choice should schools need to be merged as a cost-saving measure.

Earl Perry, a candidate for District 1, said he would likely close St. Simons Elementary because of the available capacity at Oglethorpe Point Elementary, the other school on St. Simons Island.

When asked about block scheduling at the two county high schools, two of the three incumbents present defended it, while another did not.

Jerry Mancil, incumbent running for At-Large Post 2, said the jury is still out on whether a traditional schedule would work better. Test scores have slowly risen over the last several years in most subjects, Mancil said, a sign that block scheduling has not been a detriment.

Ray Snow, incumbent running for District 1, said the argument made by his opponent Ingrid Metz that Advanced Placement students are hurt by block scheduling is not sound.

He said AP students make up only the top 10 percent of students. A decision should not be made for only a small percentage of students, Snow said.

Metz has been a long-time opponent of block scheduling and was joined in her opinion by both Madala and At-Large Post 2 candidate Larry Lynch. All three said block scheduling's price tag of around $1.3 million a year more than a traditional schedule is not worth the cost because student achievement has not greatly improved.

Chancey suggested the option of using one schedule at one school if its population would benefit, and another schedule at the other.

Dee Rogers, District 5 candidate who was present at the forum, is unopposed in the Republican primary.

Venus Holmes, the Democratic candidate in District 5, was invited to the forum but did not attend.

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I very much enjoyed your megssae. Your website is great. The translation fro Greek to English is helpful. The content was very well written and informative. Congratulations.Citizen-AHEPAN

I very much enjoyed your megssae. Your website is great. The translation fro Greek to English is helpful. The content was very well written and informative. Congratulations.Citizen-AHEPAN



Again this county is held hostage by Sea Island and St Simons island there can be no future for the people west of Rt 17 thats Brunswick and anything west of rt 95 if the good old boys club is not voted out of office.Come folks wake up where are the new companys new jobs Red & Olive hell they dont have to pay taxes for the next 10 yrs. Low paying jobs shame on Glynn County.The school Board can not agree kids need to spend as much time as they can in school.I asked a group of teens here who is the Vice President while they where standing in line keep in mind the all had I phones not one could tell me.I than asked how many states make up our country again they did not know.Than a simple math question on how to count back change from a $25.00 sale again they could not answer.SACS accreditation know wonder they almost lost it.Do not put folks who lie about where they live on the school board . Go on ask some teens a question or two.



No, not Earl again

Glynn county cannot afford to see Earl Perry return to the School Board. He was the main reason that the former Board and the entire school system almost lost SACS accreditation and in the process, the opportunity for local students to attend state colleges and universities. He is a micromanager who just cannot help himself.
It is interesting that no one has questioned his candidacy for District 1, which encompasses north and west Glynn County. The phone book lists his residence as Sea Island, far from District 1. Is he following in the footsteps of his friend, Joe Inacelli, and claiming a residence that he does not occupy in a District that he believes he can win in? News, check the tax rolls and see where he claims Homestead Exemption. I bet it is not in DIstrict 1.

Been there, done that


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