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The Brunswick News

A candidate seeking the Republican nomination for a Glynn County Board of Education seat says her recent Facebook posting that claims Jews controlled the mass murder of whites, Christians and Gentiles in the last century was taken out of context and was not meant to be offensive.

But some residents have taken offense at what L.A. Chancey wrote and have stated their disdain for the assertion in 180 comments posted in response.

Chancey, one of three primary candidates for the At-large Post 2 seat on the board of education, said she wanted to get people thinking and to research what she says is a piece of history she thinks many people overlook.

"The point in putting it out there was to educate people that there was another holocaust (before World War II)," Chancey said. "(The Facebook posting) was not anti-Semitic and was not meant to offend anyone." An estimated 6 million European Jews and other persecuted groups, such as Gypsies and homosexuals, were killed by Adolph Hitler's Nazi regime between 1941 and 1945.

In her posting, which Chancey has removed from her Facebook page but opponents of it have preserved online, Chancey wrote:

"School yourself. Every Christian in this nation needs to become aware of Jewish control in the mass murder of whites, Christians and Gentiles within the last 100 years. Bet 95% of my 'friends' thought the Holocaust was initiated by Hitler .... The first Holocaust was started by Lenin during the Bolshevik Revolution. The Second Holocaust was Hitler's attempt to rid Germany of Jewish economic rule. As Obama aligns himself with Vladamir Putin, we must ask ourselves why?"

A backlash against her views started when Jeff Montaigne, a restaurant owner who found the posting offensive, shared it on his Facebook page Tuesday.

Chancey said her posting was to tell people what she learned from Internet research about what she said is a connection between what she calls Jewish Bolsheviks and contemporary politicians, such as Russian President Putin.

Chancey said her interest in the Russian Bolshevik revolution and its effect on modern politics was piqued when she received a stamp collection from a friend of Lithuanian descent. The collection was compiled by her friend's father, who recently died.

In the collection of more than 3,000 stamps, Chancey found two, one from Poland and one from Russia, depicting Vladamir Lenin, a central figure in the Bolshevik revolution that overthrew the Czars and led to the spread of communism in Eastern Europe, including the occupation of Lithuania.

Chancey said she began researching Lenin on the Internet and discovered a website that claimed his heritage was part Jewish, but that he was not active in the religion.

She said she also found several sites stating that Lenin was responsible for the murder of about 65 million people of all races and religions during the Russian revolution.

Her assertion that Lenin oversaw the killing of many people of many religions is accurate, according to Matthew Payne, a Russian history professor at Emory University, Atlanta. But the numbers and the reasons Chancey cites are not accurate, Payne said.

"There is a grain of truth to what she is saying (about Lenin's association with killings), but the association of Lenin's name with some sort of holocaust is crazy," Payne said.

Lenin was certainly no saint, Payne said, but the majority of the estimated 800,000 to 1 million people killed during the early days of communism, from 1917 to 1953, were murdered by Joseph Stalin in the 1930s. Famine and disease likely killed many more people, Payne said.

The notion that Jews conspired to kill millions of Christians, whites and Gentiles is also false, Payne said.

Lenin's cohort, Leon Trotsky, was indeed Jewish, but their communist crusade was atheistic and targeted all religions, Payne said. Trotsky himself actually ordered the death of many Jews, Payne said.

"It is minutely possible Lenin had Jewish blood, but if he did, he would not have known it," Payne said.

The idea that there is an inherent difference between Jewish people and other Caucasian people and that there has been Jewish-led genocide of white Christian people is similar to the line of thinking in "Mein Kampf," Hitler's manifesto, Payne said.

Chancey's Republican primary opponents have decided to stay away from the online firestorm.

Larry Lynch said he had heard about the posting, but did not want to comment on it. "I want to stick to the issues. I am not going to get into any mud slinging," he said.

Incumbent Jerry Mancil, chairman of the school board, said he preferred to focus on his own campaign and the operations of the board.

Republican and Democratic primaries for county, legislative and federal offices are July 31, with early voting under way. The winner of the Republican primary for the At-large Post 2 seat will be unopposed in the November election, unless an independent files to run. No Democrat is seeking the seat.

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