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Board candidates discuss schools


The Brunswick News

A local businessman hopes to unseat incumbent John Madala in the race for the Glynn County Board of Education's District 3.

Noel Jensen, a qualifying agent and vice president for a general contractor, said his volunteer attitude and desire to assist the community has led him to seek a seat on the board.

"I feel that by running for this position I could assist the system in eliminating waste and keeping tax mills low while keeping the main focus on student achievement," Jensen said.

If elected, Jensen said he will look at every aspect of school operations to find ways to eliminate wasteful spending.

"I have seen that too often the teachers in this system are asked to do more with less pay, have increased working hours and fewer educational tools," Jensen said.

He said ensuring everyone from upper administration to custodians are sharing the burden equally will help in the tough economic times.

Madala, Jensen's incumbent opponent, said he has been part of a board that has fostered improvements in graduation rates and student achievement.

He is running for a second four-year term to continue that trend.

"We need consistency in our leadership," Madala said. "I want to continue making gains and seeing improvements in our system."

Madala has already experienced the learning curve of being on the board and has a good understanding of the complicated funding formula for public education.

Madala also said he has developed good working relationships with state and local lawmakers, something that will be helpful in the coming years when important legislation is considered.

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