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District 1

Ray Snow (i)

Age: 66

Residence: Glynn County

In Glynn County: 35

Occupation: Georgia Department of Economic Development

Relationship status: Married

Veteran: Georgia Air National Guard

Education: Bachelor's of science in business administration, Columbus State University

Church or civic membership: First Baptist Church

Achievements: Past state president Enlisted Association of Georgia; past president of Brunswick Exchange Club

What is the No. 1 issue facing the office you are seeking and how do you propose to resolve that issue?

The No. 1 issue facing the board of education is funding.

Since 2003, the General Assembly has, through austerity reductions, reduced the amount of state funding by $35 million to the local system.

At the same time the tax digest has gone down, reducing the amount of real estate tax paid to the local system.

I would continue to have conversations with our local delegation in hopes of getting them to see the problem and do something about the state cutbacks since they are the only ones that can remedy this problem.

What makes you the best qualified candidate for office?

I believe that I am the best qualified candidate since I am already in the office, aware of the problems facing the local system and have already been part of decisions made to make our system the best it can be.

I fully understand the issues that affect our accreditation relative to ethic complaints and micro management by elected officials.

I am a team player, working well with the other board of education members, and have a solid working relationship with the superintendent.

We have made good gains in the past six years, and I would like to see the plans we have put in place come to fruition.

Ingrid Metz

Age: 64

Residence: Glynn County

In Glynn County: 36 years

Occupation: Retired public school system teacher who works part-time at a private school

Relationship status: Single, two children

Education: Bachelor of arts in Latin, Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia; master's degree from Vanderbilt University

Church or civic memberships: St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church

Achievements: Brunswick High School Teacher of the Year; Glynn County Teacher of the Year; Georgia Teacher of the Year finalist; Georgia Classical Association Teacher of the Year; nine-time Star Teacher

What is the no. 1 Issue facing the office you are seeking and how do you propose to resolve that issue?

The No. 1 issue is accountability.

An effective school board is accountability driven. Almost 75 percent of every local tax dollar goes to the Glynn County Board of Education. The school system is our county's third largest employer. Therefore, the board has an obligation to be open and responsible to taxpayers and stakeholders.

Our current board has too often failed to take the time to make informed decisions and to ensure that our students, parents, teachers and community have meaningful involvement in the decision-making process. The administrators and the board of education continue to chase educational fads with little planning and no meaningful evaluation. The International Baccalaureate, RECA, the night high school and block scheduling are just a few of the numerous local programs that have cost considerable money and staff time, with many having questionable results at best before they are discarded.

We need board members who understand the impact of their decisions and recognize the potential harm to our children when poorly planned and executed programs fail them. I will promote the on-going involvement of all stakeholders in the planning process with ample opportunity for public participation. I will encourage the board to fulfill its elected leadership role and not passively rely on staff recommendations on policy, budget development and evaluation. I will also support the implementation of data-based evaluations to monitor the impact of programs and policies on student academic achievement and to document returns on taxpayer investments in education.

What makes you the best qualified candidate for office?

One of my key qualifications for the board of education is my classroom experience as a teacher for almost four decades.

I have contributed to the education and character development of hundreds of Glynn County students. An experienced educator will be an asset to the board of education.

It is ironic that the current board does not have a single member who has been an educator.

A teacher is by nature someone who cares. I will bring these characteristics to my role as a member of the board. As a board of education member, I will seek to raise academic achievement for all students, restore the pride and morale of our teachers and promote taxpayer confidence in our public schools.

My goal is not to be a representative of the schools to the people, but to be a representative of the people to our schools.


District 3

John Madala (i)

Age: 49

Residence: Glynn County

In Glynn County: 30 years

Occupation: Brunswick deputy fire chief; registered nurse

Relationship status: Married, four children

Veteran: Army

Education: Degree in applied science

Church or civic memberships: St. Simons Community Church; Fire Chiefs Association; Emergency Nurses Association; Phi Theta Kappa

Achievements: International Recognition for Medical Support; National 2004 for Safety Command for G-8 summit; state and city awards for hurricane relief; Firefighter of the Year


What is the No. 1 issue facing the office you are seeking and how do you propose to resolve that issue?¬ 

¬ By far it will be decreasing finances due to the decrease in the value of the tax digest, grant funding sources drying up, state austerity cuts, House Bill 486, increase in competition for a decreasing pot of funds and other now non-existent sources.

We now must figure out how to do much more with much less. There are other financial pieces to the puzzle that will have negative effects on the budget as well.

With all of the confusion of the financial picture of the future, we will have to continue to cut our budget and make the very difficult decisions on what to cut.

It will always involve someone's personal passion.

As an example: RECA, sports, music, art, the night school, AP classes and all other electives and extracurricular activities. I had to approve a budget that cut a program one of my children was in, and she loved the activity. That is making the right decision for school system, even though it can negatively affect me or my family.

Another example would be if we have to raise the millage rate. If we do, I will be voting on raising taxes on not just my house, but all five of the properties I own. That is what it takes to be a true leader -- do what is best for all, not just yourself. Last, but certainly not least, we voted to cut our pay. How many commissioners, senators and representatives have done that?

What makes you the best qualified candidate for office?

I feel I have proven myself as a leader -- not so much as to what I say, as to what I have done.

For example: Within a few months of being a board member, we voted to dismiss the superintendant and replace him. Also, I was the persistent driving force to get the real numbers for the night school and make the motion to discontinue it. Again, I voted to decrease our pay and restrict all of the former travel and events we as board members went to.

Anyone can promise anything, but what are you doing when no one is looking? That is what the true character of a person is.

Noel Jensen

Age: 44

Residence: Glynn County

In Glynn County: Five years

Occupation:¬ VP qualifying agent for TRH Construction Co., Inc

Relationship status:¬ Married, three children

Veteran: Navy

Education: Coastal Georgia Community College

Church or civic memberships: St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church; Tailhook Association, Navy; GA Diamond Club, Touchdown Club; Leadership Glynn graduate 2009; Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce

Achievements: Good Conduct and U.S. Navy Letter of Commendation; Winter Park Optimist Baseball Coach of the Year


What is the No. 1 issue facing the office you are seeking and how do you propose to resolve that issue?¬ 

The main issue facing the Glynn County School System is strictly budgetary.

Income is lagging behind expenditures and reserves are being used to cover the difference. This approach to handling the budget is obviously not a long term solution due to the fact that at this pace reserves will run out within five years.

I believe that the educators in the system have continued to take the brunt of the budget cuts by reduction in forces, foregoing raises, furlough days and extra working time requirements.

With operational and administration expenses making up nearly 44 percent of the entire budget, I believe we need to look harder at that chart of accounts for savings.

I firmly believe in business ethics and that tough decisions must be made in a transparent and aboveboard way to solve the budget crisis that looms in the near future. The livelihood of all stakeholders in the school system lies in the balance from students to the taxpayers, and now is the time to act responsibly with the taxpayers' monies to correct this issue.


What makes you the best qualified candidate for office?

I believe that I am uniquely qualified for Glynn County School Board District 3 because of three key factors.

First, I have served as interim comptroller for a multi-million dollar commercial construction company, and I understand maneuvering through financial responsibilities and balancing budgets.

Secondly, I have a strong desire to serve the community and be a part of making Glynn County a destination community for citizens because of a first class school system.

Lastly, I am not a politician. I am a highly ethical businessman who has trained in the field whereby decisions are made with limited resources and firm contractual obligations.


At-large Post 2

Jerry¬ A.¬ Mancil (i)

Age: 39

Residence: Glynn County

In Glynn County: 34 years

Occupation: Electrical contractor

Relationship status: Married, three children

Education: Georgia Southern University graduate

Church or civic memberships: First Baptist Church of Brunswick; Glynn County Board of Education chairman


What is the No. 1 issue facing the office you are seeking and how do you propose to resolve that issue?¬ 

Being able to provide a quality public education to the children of our community with dwindling resources from the state and shrinking local property values without raising taxes.

The state demands success in the classroom while reducing education funding. School systems struggle to meet the needs of all students with the reduced state allocations and without raising taxes in the local community.

The needs of our children vary and being able to provide for all types of learners becomes more difficult with limited resources.

There are only two ways to address a financial crisis without affecting student achievement.

First is to look for ways to cut expenses not associated with the classroom and to see if consolidation of schools can be attained without overcrowding existing schools.

Second is to raise local taxes to cover the funding gap from the state.

It's easy to identify the problem. Implementing solutions is the daunting task. An experienced board of education member is needed at this time.


What makes you the best qualified candidate for office?

During my term in office, the board of education has maintained the same low millage rate while reducing the general fund operating expense by over $18 million.

Even with this 15 percent decrease, we have still managed to improve test scores and prepare our young adults for brighter futures through better technology and safer learning environments.

My leadership, experience and "children first" attitude makes me the best candidate and will allow us more increasing gains over the next four years.

Larry E. Lynch

Age: 58

Residence: Glynn County

In Glynn County: 11 years

Occupation: Retired federal law enforcement

Relationship status: Married, two step-sons, four grandchildren

Veteran: Navy

Education: Master in public administration, University of Texas at El Paso.

Church or civic memberships: Christian Renewal Church; Garrison of Fort King George; Golden Isles Tea Party

What is the No. 1 issue facing the office you are seeking and how do you propose to resolve that issue?

Did not answer.

What makes you the best qualified candidate for office?

Did not answer

Linda A. "L.A." Chancey

Age: 55

Residence: Brunswick

In Glynn County: 33 years

Occupation: Business owner

Relationship status: Single, one child

Veteran: Marine Corps

Education: Master of public administration

Church or civic memberships: St. Simons Island United Methodist Church; Timber Tax Theft & Fraud; Georgia Forestry Association; Marine Corps League 716; Nexion member organizations for Career Travel Consultants

Achievements: Various career awards and certificates of distinction and appreciation

What is the No. 1 issue facing the office you are seeking and how do you propose to resolve that issue?

We must support the rights of children to learn, working with special talents as they are recognized in students.

Any mission less than fully advocating the rights of children to learn in an environment conducive to their skills and innate abilities is nothing more than a diversion.

Focus on the children, and as they become productive citizens and taxpayers, the issues will resolve through the diligence and attention of our new citizens, when they step up and take leadership roles.

We lay the future today for generations tomorrow. Accomplish this by creating a new spirit of teamwork and leadership in the educational community, which extends into our communities and homes. Everyone in Glynn County is responsible for our children, their welfare and devoting our best efforts to their education.

What makes you the best qualified candidate for office?

My experience in technology will assist in finding and approving solutions for the school system.

My experience in writing contracts and negotiating purchases and sales of real estate, telecommunications contracts, purchasing contracts, from technology to roofing, from cell tower contracts to timber contracts, coupled with the best education any state can offer a student make my candidacy not only viable, but preferable.

My literary skills can be applied in assisting other board members in writing and refining policy.

I am well read and very well traveled, having spent time in most European and Northern European countries such as Greece, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Arctic Circle, Iceland, the Netherlands and Antilles, Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Central America, Costa Rica, Belize, North America, including Canada (B.C., Vancouver and Quebec) Alaska and the Yukon.

Travel is an amazing education in itself. I have an innovative and creative mind set, a "can-do attitude," a willingness to study the issues and find solutions.

Simply put, I have the time, inclination, drive and intent to become a member of the Glynn County School Board.

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Finally some good news regarding the sdtuiam. Hopefully the proposed location has metro access. I'll try and be at the press conference this coming Monday to get the latest info

Finally some good news regarding the sdtuiam. Hopefully the proposed location has metro access. I'll try and be at the press conference this coming Monday to get the latest info


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