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Ex-GOP chair calls on candidate to quit


The Brunswick News

A former chairman of the Glynn County Republican Party is asking a board of education candidate who made online comments claiming Jews have controlled the murders of whites, Christians and Gentiles to withdraw from the July 31 primary.

Kevin Gough, a lawyer and former county Republican Party chairman, requested the withdrawal through a posting on the social networking site, Facebook, the same medium through which L.A. Chancey made her comments.

Chancey is one of two Republican primary candidates challenging the re-election of Jerry Mancil, chair of the Glynn County Board of Education, to a countywide at-large post. The other candidate is Larry Lynch.

"After reviewing her Facebook posts and comments to the media, researching her claims, and after speaking directly with her, it is with a heavy heart that I call upon my friend L.A. Chancey, a candidate for the Glynn County Board of Education, to withdraw from the Republican primary," Gough wrote online.

His posting goes on to rebut several points in Chancey's original posting in which she made her claims two weeks ago.

Chancey's claims ignited the ire of residents who shared it on their own social networking pages. A public conversation, including more than 180 comments, many from Chancey in response to people attempting to rebut her claims, played out on restaurant owner Jeff Montaigne's social media page. At least 25 other people shared the comment on their pages, as well.

Gough said Wednesday that Chancey's posting showed poor judgment.

"The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln," Gough said. "We don't need to have public officials enabling those (divisive) views."

Although he is no longer involved officially in the local political scene, Gough said he heard from too many people who were offended by Chancey's claims to remain quiet. "She needs to know that words have consequences," he said.

If Chancey does not withdraw from the race, Gough would at least like her to apologize for her statements. In an interview with The News published Saturday, Chancey stood by her online comments.

Ron Sadowski, current chairman of the county Republican Party, said he has not been following the controversy and has no plans to ask Chancey to withdraw.

"If she says inflammatory things, it doesn't bode well," Sadowski said Wednesday. "Ultimately, though, voters will decide."

Sadowski said it is not his place to decide if Chancey is worthy of public office, because the primary is designed to let party voters pick the best candidate.

Chancey did not return telephone calls or emails Wednesday from The News.

Chancey wrote on Facebook Wednesday, in response to Gough's posting calling for her to quit the race, that she is a Christian with Ashkenazi Jewish heritage on her mother's side. Ashkenazi Jews are descended from medieval Jewish communities along the Rhine River in Germany.

"No one here has a personal vendetta, or at least I hope not," Chancey posted online. "I am simply exploring history as everyone should do, not revisionist history but hopefully archival history as maintained at Yale, Stanford & The National Archives. Anything else is speculation."

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