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Jackie Johnson (i)

Age: 40

Residence: Woodbine

In Glynn County: Began working in Glynn office for district attorney 12 years ago

Occupation: District attorney

Relationship status: Single

Education:  BBA in Finance, UGA; juris doctorate, University of Georgia School of Law

Church or civic memberships: Southern Baptist; Woodbine Lions Club; Camden GOP; Camden Bulldog Club

Achievements: The Camden Criminal Justice Council; 2012  national achievement award from the National Association of Counties

What is the No. 1 issue facing the office you are seeking and how do you propose to resolve that issue?

Our office's greatest challenge is to represent the victims of crime and make the community safer, while at the same time being accountable with limited public resources.

As district attorney, I have taken steps to make our office operate more effectively with fewer resources. We have cut costs, reduced our staff and are now operating on a balanced budget. We have implemented new case management software and standardized forms and procedures among our four offices in the circuit.

We are prioritizing cases against the most violent offenders, so we get them to court more quickly. By reducing the amount of time defendants spend in jail waiting for court, we are saving taxpayers approximately $42 per day per inmate in Glynn County. Since I became district attorney, we have taken five major murder cases to trial in the circuit, two of which were death penalty, and secured life or life without parole sentences for seven separate offenders. We have resolved another five homicide cases by guilty plea. We expect another four murder cases to go to trial this year, and are currently in the pretrial motions process on three.

We are working more closely with law enforcement to build solid cases for trial. We are also working with the sheriff to minimize the daily jail population and the judges and attorneys to schedule major cases for trial in a timely manner. If given the opportunity, our office will continue to look for ways to improve the quality of criminal justice.

What makes you the best qualified candidate for office?

I have served as the district attorney the past two years, since my appointment by the governor in 2010. Our judicial circuit includes Glynn, Camden, Wayne, Appling and Jeff Davis counties. Each county is unique and should be represented by a district attorney who understands its priorities and challenges when it comes to the criminal justice system. I worked as an assistant district attorney for 12 years in every county of this circuit prior to becoming district attorney, and I have a good working relationship with law enforcement and courthouse personnel in each county. I believe in treating people fairly, in being accountable to victims and citizens and in doing what is right and just for the community. This office carries with it the ability to affect people's lives. It is a great responsibility but also an opportunity to do good every day.  

Jonathan R. Miller III

Age: 48

Residence: Glynn County

In Glynn County: More than 40 years

Occupation: Attorney

Relationship status: Married, three children

Education: juris doctorate

Church or civic memberships: Leadership Glynn; Glynn Bar Association; elder Presbyterian church; Exchange Club of Brunswick; BPOE Elks

Achievements: Graduated magna cum laude from what is now College of Coastal College

What is the No. 1 issue facing the office you are seeking and how do you propose to resolve that issue?

Restoring the integrity of the office and effectively prosecuting criminals. My opponent has been named prominently in the charges brought against former Judge Amanda Williams and has refused to acknowledge the issues associated with that case. She has dropped the ball on the Caroline Smalls case by first not recusing the Brunswick Judicial Circuit from prosecuting the case and then not presenting an actual indictment to the Grand Jury. She has eliminated, removed and fired office staff to the point there is no leadership or mentoring in the office, which has resulted in inexperienced attorneys having to try difficult cases they are not ready to try. Her solutions are to hire outside "Atlanta" help that is not capable of understanding our local issues. She is shelving cases, making them "stale" for prosecution and then pleading them down to resolve the case. This is not an effective way to address the needs of our communities. Stephen D. Kelley and Glen Thomas Jr. brought experience, integrity and common sense to the district attorney's office. I want to bring those qualities back before more criminals go free. The voters have the opportunity to remedy these problems before it is too late.

What makes you the best qualified candidate for office?

My opponent thought so much of my abilities to run the district attorney's office that she appointed me as managing attorney of the largest and busiest office in the circuit. I later resigned because I could no longer tolerate her unprofessional conduct and unrealistic treatment of employees. The district attorney is not just a prosecutor; they are also an elected administrator responsible for using your tax dollars wisely. I have a proven track record of fiscal responsibility and management from more than a decade as a small business owner, and I have excelled as a prosecutor. I have saved the taxpayers of Glynn County over a million dollars with the Fast Track Program and have recovered approximately a million dollars in funds for Jeff Davis County through prosecution. I will be an accessible advocate for victims and the people of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit.

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