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Veterans advocate will run for board


The Brunswick News

Long time veterans advocate Mike Browning says he plans to run for the District 1 seat on the Glynn County Commission that will be vacated by Commissioner Amy Callaway at the end of the year.

Callaway is not seeking a second four-year term.

Browning, chairman of the Golden Isles Veterans Council, said he has lived 60 years in Brunswick and the Golden Isles and his experience will be an asset to the commission.

"I've been involved with different groups and I'm aware of many of the issues affecting this county," Browning said.

Along with veteran and military groups, Browning, who has mainly worked in construction, said he has been involved in advising in vocational programs at the county high schools and in apprenticeship programs for youth.

Chief among Browning's concerns is the county's bottom line.

"County spending is getting out of control. I want to take inventory, find out what the county has, and what it operates and look at services," Browning said. "I just don't see a focus on what the county is doing from one end to the other."

Mainly, Browning wants to represent his district and work to make sure the county is moving in the right direction, he said.

"I want to get answers for the folks in District 1. I don't know if business as usual needs to be business as usual -- or if it needs to go in a different direction," Browning said.

In keeping with a push for transparency, Browning said he would be a representative, not a politician.

"They will get as much of an open government as one commissioner can provide. I want to be held responsible. It won't belong to me. That office will belong to the people," Browning said.

Qualifying for the July primaries will be at the end of May.

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3 Comment

Character counts!

Mike is a man of impeccable character and I know he will give 110% as he always does.



Mike Browning

ooops that is "I wish". Sorry for the typo!



Mike Browning

I wished we had someone like Mr. Browning running in McIntosh County!



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