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Candidate announces for board seat


The Brunswick News

Life-long Brunswick resident Gary Cook says he wants to become the city's representative on the Glynn County Commission.

Cook, 52, said Friday he is going to join two others in the race to fill the District 5 seat currently held by Jerome Clark, who is not seeking reelection.

If elected, Cook said he will be a strong voice for the city on the county commission and bring the two governments closer together.

"That seat is on the county board, but that district is the city. You are a city representative," Cook said. "My main objective is to start off with truly getting a relationship -- not like people talk about. I want more joint meetings between the city and the county."

As both governments have seen a decline in tax revenue, the public has seen a reduction in many services, Cook said. He wants to figure out how they can be brought back in a responsible way.

"We need services and programs down in Selden Park. We've got this multipurpose center down in the city, but there's no shuttle for people to get there." Cook said.

Lost services could be recovered, Cook said, if the city and county pooled resources.

"Everybody's always talking about money. Money, money, money. We are supposed to be working for the people," Cook said.

Cook, the only Democrat so far to announce for the seat, joins small business owner Robbie Tucker, 38, and Habitat for Humanity employee Tashawnta Wells, 28, both of whom will run as Republicans.

The District 5 seat is the only one of the seven county commission seats currently occupied by a Democrat.

Clark and commissioners Tom Sublett and Amy Callaway have publicly stated that they will not seek reelection.

The four-year terms of the commissioners will expire at the end of December.

Qualifying for the July primaries is May 23-25.

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