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Glynn coroner will run for re-election


The Brunswick News

Jimmy Durden says he's going to seek a sixth term as Glynn County coroner.

Durden, who came to Brunswick in 1960 after graduating from Mercer University in Macon, said Tuesday he wants to continue his two-decades-long work of investigating deaths in the county.

"It's just a challenging job, and I feel good helping the families of those who have lost loved ones," Durden said Tuesday.

The coroner's seat is not a typical political office, Durden said, and it takes a particular type of person to do it.

"I love the people here in Glynn County, and I just want to keep doing them a good job. I want to keep working with law enforcement and the fire department. They've always been very helpful and good people to work with," Durden said.

Durden has two assistants who are paid out of the coroner's budget.

Besides serving as coroner, Durden said he is involved with the Brunswick Exchange Club and the Brunswick Shrine Club, and is a past president of the Georgia Funeral Directors Association.

Durden will run as a Republican.

So far, no other candidates have announced intent to run for coroner.

Candidates must qualify with their respective political parties between May 23 and noon May 25.

Independents must qualify and present a nominating petition between July 30 and noon Aug. 3.

Qualifying for the post costs $725.66.

Terms are for four years.

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A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this arctile.

A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this arctile.



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