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City gets input on water board


The Brunswick News

Brunswick city commissioners listened to public opinion about potential changes to the composition of a joint city-county utility board during a special session Thursday.

The session heard from a handful of residents who voiced concern about a proposal to change the makeup of the Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water-Sewer Commission to add more citizens and reduce the number of elected officials on it.

City commissioner Cornell Harvey, one of two city commissioners on the utility's board, said that he understands that the commission needs greater citizen representation.

"We feel the need, and now we need to figure out how to have both," said Harvey. "The question now, for us to decide, is whether to elect or appoint these representatives and officials."

Members of the city commission will discuss the issue and make a decision to recommend to the state Legislature, which created the commission that voters approved, Harvey said.

Sandy Dean, a citizen member of the city's audit committee, spoke against having members elected or appointed by politicians.

"The people should have qualifications to serve on this board," Dean said. "Allow the (county) grand jury to look at the individuals and make a selection based on their qualifications."

Furthermore, Dean said, a two-year term on the board is not enough to make a difference.

Resident Jeff Kilgore encouraged the city to decide soon in order for the current session of the Legislature to amend the board's membership.

"There needs to be enough people to spread the workload out and get it away from the concentration of elected officials," said Kilgore. "Let the grand jury make the final appointments or let them be elected by the people."

The proposed change to the commission's makeup calls for one elected official from the city, one from Glynn County and five citizens appointed based on grand jury recommendations. Three of the citizens would need to have water-sewer expertise. The board now has two city commissioners, two county commissioners and one citizen.

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2 Comment


Why must we trust the Commissioners? They have raised all our bills. They have not been able to tell us why this was necessary. They don't seem to care about the citizens of Glynn County. Now I would ask why special talents are to be required for this Commissions. For gosh sakes County Council deals with much more complex subjects and issues and there are no requirements for them. This commission seems to be more concerned with protecting and benefiting the commissioners than it does serving the people of Glynn County. We need a commission that exhibits a dedication to the interest of the people. Lay out the personnel, and salaries and benefits. tell us what needs to be improved and why and what the time frame of each project should be and what it is projected to cost. Why is this a secret? Now show us your revenue stream and explain to us why you want to charge huge connection fees and service charges. We can't prosper in Glynn County without open effective governmental agencies. I cannot see how the current commissioners have been open effective or responsive. Why would we accept any recommendation or suggestion from the current commissioners or staff?



Don't Let the Water Board Get Away With This

You just have to love the use of the term "citizen" to make it sound like its a good idea that the residents of Glynn County lose any ability to apply pressure on the water board by reducing the number of elected positions. What money wasting schemes do you think they have in mind? If the board is a majority of "citizens" there's nothing you can do about it. What are you going to do vote them out? You won't have that ability anymore. They also want stipends that add up to $40,000 per year. Tell Ligon, Atwood, and Lane that you OPPOSE this loss of representation!

Long Time Resident


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