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Candidate steps forward for judge race


The Brunswick News

One Brunswick attorney is already stepping into the ring to become Glynn County's next state court judge.

Vince Sowerby, on Wednesday, was the first to announce his intention to seek election to the judge seat that will be up for grabs this summer at the end of State Court Judge Orion Douglass' term.

Sowerby, who came most recently from Atlanta in 1986 and has practiced law in Brunswick since, said he's interested in the judgeship because it's the "next logical step" and because he wants to do more for the community.

"I came from a family of lawyers. That's just what we do. (The judgeship) is the next logical step in my career," Sowerby said. "Plus, we need someone in that courthouse who can do the job, and I think I'm the guy for it."

Sowerby said he has many years of courtroom experience and has a strong understanding of both state and federal law, he said.

"I'm a general practice trial attorney. I do a little bit of everything," Sowerby said.

Judge Douglass did not immediately return phone calls Wednesday to say whether he will seek another term.

Qualification for the judgeship will open from May 23 until noon on May 25, according to Glynn County Board of Elections Supervisor Cindy Johnson.

The judgeship election will appear on the general primary ballot on July 2, with a possible run-off scheduled for Aug. 21, Johnson said. The seat is set to be filled by summer.

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1 Comment


This man has NO ethics..He wanted to a judge because he has no business being a lawyer.His courtroom ethics are bad. When he stoops to mailing his responses to an old address of the opposing atty to make sure they are ill prepared for court is just plain wrong. It shows he does not have to skills to do this job or be a judge. He wants the constant paycheck,and a new fancy car. Not the pos stuff he has now...He wanted to get back at those lawyers that have wronged him the past for his lack of skill of being a lawyer.I am glad that he had the lowest percentage of votes. It shows what the citizens of this county think of him. His concern is not to make the court better but to make it worse...

concerned citizen


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