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Motorists, watch out for cyclists, pedestrians
Police are asking bicyclists and motorists to be extra careful this year and to follow the rules of the road. If you are unfamiliar with the rules, then at least keep both eyes open at all times and respect the safety of others.

Hardly a spring or summer goes by without some adult or child on a bicycle falling prey to a motorist whose eyes or thoughts or both were elsewhere. Most of the time, the victim simply brushes himself off and walks away. But not always. Sometimes it's more serious. Sometimes a collision between the two will even cost a life and a lifetime of haunting what-ifs for the survivor.

All of us can make sure none of this happens. All of us can take steps to protect ourselves and others.

When able, motorists should carefully move into the other lane when approaching an individual or group riding bicycles on the far side of the road. This will put a protective buffer between vehicle and bicycle, just in case.

Motorists also should always exercise an abundance of caution when entering a residential street or neighborhood. Children, as we all know, do not always think safety or practice it. We must think and practice it for them by driving slow and cautiously.

And, parents, always check behind you before backing up or out of a driveway. Remind visitors to do the same.

Parents can also help by watching younger children and reminding older ones of the potential dangers that await us all when we fail to pay attention to our surroundings.

Adult bicyclists can help themselves by studying up on the rules and taking extra steps to ensure that a bicycle ride does not turn out to be something more than a relaxing or energy-boosting trip on two wheels.

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