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Candidates' pasts can give glimpse of future
Time is running out for voters, who have until May 20 - if they cast their ballots on primary election day - to find out what they can about the men and women running for local, state and federal office. Those who want their vote to count for something will do what they can to learn about the people who are asking for their allegiance.

Of course, as in any political contest, there is the usual forest of rhetoric to navigate through in an election year. That's not always easy to do. In fact, some voters never find their way out and, frustrated, either decide to just stay home on election day or flip a coin mentally to decide who will win their ballot.

There is one sure fire way to know what a man or woman will do if elected to public office. Voters can get a fairly accurate picture of what candidates elected to office will do by first reviewing what each has done or accomplished in the past. The past of candidates is a clear window to their futures. Unlike some campaign promises, the past does not lie. It is there for all to see.

Individuals, for example, who express concern for the community but who have never lifted as much as a small pinky to help it in any way might be suspect. Voters might ask them to explain their sudden change of heart. They might ask them why they suddenly care about what's happening or not happening when they didn't seem to be too concerned about it in the past.

There could be a reasonable explanation. It's something voters would have to decide for themselves,

A person who has been active in the community, on the other hand, obviously has at least some concern for fellow Glynn Countians, Georgians or Americans. He or she has proved it.

Check out a candidate's past. It might save you and the community a lot grief in the future.

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