JIA decision is appalling
As someone who loves Jekyll Island and its wildlife, I am appalled at the JIA decision to kill deer on the island.
A highly questionable "study" claims that the island is overpopulated with deer and to save plant life the slaughter of deer is needed.
This study, apparently from what I have heard, ...
Board's study is inaccurate
The Jekyll Island Authority and the JIA Board have voted unanimously to shoot and kill half the deer population on the island, starting with 80-100 the first year so as not to be shocking to the public.
Their findings show inaccurately that there are too many deer.
If in fact there are too many d ...
Violence has always been troubling
The title of your recent editorial, "Children, teens need guidance in the home" was true.
Then came the opening line: "You know our nation has serious issues when..."
When what? Is it only the increase in "random" teen violence of which we should worry?
Take care when passing cyclists
In response to the Letter to the Editor by Lindsey Santillo on July 18, I was shocked to read the part of the letter where she claimed to have run cyclists off the road or almost collided with them through no fault of her own.
I beg you to stop running cyclists off the road. First of all, it is il ...
Time to stop failing children, ourselves
Your editorial concerning young adults committing acts of unprovoked brutality offered a stark portrait of a nationwide problem. You wonder what is causing it and what can we do. Surprisingly, your editorial mentioned many of the answers to this problem. Unfortunately, because of the law of sowing a ...
Former Democrat favors Republican policies
Recently the newspaper has carried a lot of negative judgments concerning the current administration and its departments. In the interest of fairness you should weigh in the internal factors by which they judge success.
Unlike private enterprise, federal agencies are judged on the quality of the r ...
No Kill movement will continue
Apparently, most of the Glynn County commissioners do not take heed to the opinion of The Brunswick News.
I attended the lively and critical town hall meeting to address the issues at Glynn County Animal Control. The meeting was organized by Commissioner Bob Coleman.
Only the above-mentioned com ...
Registering animals could solve issue
It would seem to us that reducing the number of unwanted dogs and cats that are regularity dropped off at the Glynn County Animal Services locations would go a long way toward solving the current issues.
Requiring owners to register and tag their dogs and cats would be a good first start. We have l ...
Shelter discussions should be sensitive
Citizens who engage in the discussion concerning the daytime shelter for the homeless must be very sensitive to the words they choose when describing the people who are expected to use the facility.
To illustrate, a possible consequence of the shelter as making Brunswick a "dumping ground" is unfo ...
Robotic calling angers voter
I know I speak for a thousand silent partners when I say I will never vote for a candidate in the future who uses automated or robotic calling machines to promote themselves during an election cycle.
We have received over 150 calls in the last two weeks at all times of the day and night with recor ...
Bike lanes would aid cyclist on island
I have lived on St. Simons Island for over four years now, but I have lived in Glynn County my entire life.
Not only is it a beautiful place to live, but there are also many outdoor activities that many people enjoy, cycling being one of them. I am all for sharing the road and allowing bikers to e ...
Cancer survivor has items stolen at beach
First I need to say that Brunswick and Glynn County are truly wonderful places to visit. I recently stayed three nights in Brunswick with three teen grandchildren, went island-hopping, and had a great time.
The awful part of the vacation was that I accidentally left some clothing in the women's se ...
News is nothing to laugh at
I'm replying to two letters from the July 16 edition of The Brunswick News.
First is that of Mr. Grimes concerning conservative news media being a disservice, which I challenge, and second is that of Mr. Richmond regarding caring with compassion those caught up in the immigration issue, with which ...
Minimum wage increase does not hurt businesses
Evidence suggests increasing minimum wages does not hurt job growth.
I was intrigued by a report recently published by the Center for Economic and Policy Research dealing with the impact of minimum wage increases in which they review a study done by Goldman Sachs.
Economists at Goldman Sachs condu ...
Solve American children's plight first
No caring American watching the human tragedy unfolding along our southern border can be unmoved by the plight of immigrant children abandoned by families and countries to find refuge in America.
Having opened the flood gates, the only question remains is how many. UNICEF estimates the 50 percent o ...
Residents have right to know chemical content
I am writing in response to the unannounced evening aerial spraying for mosquitoes that was conducted in Glynn County on the evening of June 3.
I have read reports in the local newspaper each year concerning the dangers of mosquito-borne viruses (but) I am unaware of any efforts made to inform the ...
Right-winged news channel is disservice
Thanks for sharing the comments of Mr. Thigpen (Single news outlet is dangerous) on your editorial page Friday.
I have recently reduced my Comcast bill by limiting the number of channels I receive. That leaves me with only one 24-hour cable news channel, FOX, or as I refer to it, "FOX Entertainmen ...
Schools should be aided through pilot programs
Another good reporting job in (the July 8) newspaper.
Not being sure of some school locations, is it reasonable to assume that Burroughs-Molette Elementary probably has a demographic situation where the less fortunate are of a higher percentage of the student population than in other much higher pe ...
Single news outlet is dangerous
School kids are taught that a successful democracy is dependent on an informed electorate. After all, how can voters make intelligent decisions about candidates and issues when they don't know or have been misled about the facts?
In recent years, it has become apparent that all too many voters rely ...
There are alternatives to homeless shelter dispute
I appreciate the effort that is being put forth to establish a daytime homeless shelter by the Rev. Culpepper. The homeless are here, their numbers are growing, and there appears to be no end to circumstances that have forced these residents to adopt their current standard of living.
And I appreci ...
Immigration solution must lie in the middle
Aren't the wild swings in Americas immigration policies amazing?
I think it was about 75 years ago that our rigid immigration policies would not allow a boatload of German Jewish political refugees to land on our shores. All were known to be in grave danger at home. Most had assets to offer our cou ...
Cars pose serious dangerous risks
One of the most dangerous perils of summer is the act of leaving children, older adults and pets in hot secured cars for long periods of time.
Last year we lost 44 children, and thus far this year we are well into the mid teens. With the hustle and bustle of today's life and all that it entails, i ...
Toll on St. Simons Island could aid county
In The Brunswick News Monday it was reported that "Jekyll Island parking revenue came in more than $70,000 better than expected for just the month of June."
There was no report of the total revenues brought in for the month, but one must imagine that the state of Georgia makes a whole lot of money ...
Intern's reading program should be commended
Who is this Khari Pressley fellow and where does he come from? He is a genius!
This young intern at The Brunswick News has been gently urging young people to read every week of the summer and started a reading contest that has caught on like fire. To date, over 400 books have been read and over 1,0 ...
Dangerous road should be reviewed
In view of another fatality occurring on Harry Driggers Boulevard recently, I feel it is my civic duty to request action be taken to make this road safer to both drivers and pedestrians.
There is a stretch of road between Caleb's Crossing and the former Fox Run Apartments that is possibly improper ...

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