Criticism doesn’t offer specifics
Flaw in tag registration notification leads to ticket
On Sept. 13, while driving on U.S. 17 in Brunswick, a state police officer gave me a citation for driving with an expired tag. I checked my plate and, sure enough, the tag showed a Dec. 11 expiration date. The registration in my compartment conf ...
City will consider new public safety radios
Brunswick officials will soon be weighing signing on with an enormous overhaul of the local public safety radio system.
At a meeting of the city's finance committee Tuesday, representatives of Glynn County's information technology department told city officials the Glynn County Commission already ...
President Obama has many achievements
I have read with interest several letters to the editor which severely criticize President Obama’s policies, but I am somewhat confused because those criticisms contain no specifics.
What is to criticize about a stock market reaching record highs, reversing two crashes during previous years a ...
Cats aren't the only predators
Resident has seen feral cat control program work
Since I have had two females spayed, vaccinated and released back to us, the population of the feral cat colony I have been caretaker of the last 10 years is down from 17 cats to eight.
Our feral cats are not the only predators out there.
School should be about growing
Earlier this year there was a fight amongst 12-13-year-old girls in one of our Glynn middle schools. A 5-foot tall teacher stepped into the fight in an effort to stop it and got hit accidentally.
The end result of this situation was that three girls got back into the "alternative" school and five ...
Headline about doctor's death was insensitive
I was disappointed in the insensitive headline for the article about Dr. David Patterson's drowning Sept. 12 as reported in the Weekend edition of The Brunswick News: Body Washes ashore in St. Simons Island.
I can only imagine the heading was designed to entice readers to check out news about unide ...
Dilapidated houses must go
We all know that there are parts of Brunswick that are in desperate need of revitalization. The evidence: empty and broken houses.
We all know the root causes of our problems in our area: poverty, unemployment, absent fathers, crime, teenage gangs, and now a plague of abused prescription drugs on o ...
Domestic violence law needs amending
As Saturday's paper related, the Ray Rice episode has touched off a domestic violence firestorm.
The NFL is being pressured by the media to put into place a no tolerance policy when it comes to domestic violence. NFL sponsors are doing the same.
One can only hope that these media moguls and corpor ...
Jekyll Island should not resort to shooting deer
My family and friends take an annual trip to Jekyll Island to enjoy the great beaches and the exceptional golf courses.
One activity we like as a group is to view the deer population on the island. The idea of killing any of these beautiful and almost tame animals is sickening.
I am an avid hunte ...
President not living up to promises
In the letters to the editor, a reader charged that President Barack Obama was incompetent. Then someone defended the president.
With all due respect to the individual who defended the president, much like the president, he was long on verbiage and short on substance.
Here's some food for thought ...
Spotlight survey not accurate method of tracking populations
The Brunswick News editors accurately pointed out on Sept. 12 that the primary question about deer management in Jekyll Island state park is, "is there a deer problem?"
It's likely that there isn't a problem. First of all, the method used to estimate the size of the deer population was spotlight ...
Nunn signs being stolen from yards
I have become aware of at least 10 Michelle Nunn signs taken down under cover of night on St. Simons Island.
Whoever is responsible for this is engaging in very unethical behavior. Not respecting another point of view is un-American.
To me, this is the reason we have such gridlock in Washington. ...
Spending more money doesn't make better students
I attended the Common Core meeting in Jesup on Sept. 4 and was very disappointed that no Glynn County School Board member nor teacher spoke at the meeting. I was told that Superintendent Howard Mann was present.
The superintendents who spoke were in favor of Common Core and one of them actually sa ...
Funding for senior center of key importance for all
I would like to thank Kelly Quimby for the informative article concerning the Golden Isles Senior Citizens Foundation's efforts to obtain funding to keep the Roosevelt Harris Jr. Senior Citizens Center in operation.
I also thank The Brunswick News for its editorial in support of these efforts.
It' ...
Parents are to blame for fighting
In Saturday's Brunswick newspaper on the second page there is a story of a young girl who was beaten and left unconscious Friday.
The incident happened about 4 p.m. on the streets of Brunswick. This was not just some hair pulling and a slap to the face; her attacker beat her and she was left on th ...
Non-leathal method needed for deer population control
Your editorial concerning the Jekyll Island deer issue was on target.
However, an underlying issue remains: Is there a nonlethal method of population control that has been proven to work effectively? For example, the use of sterilization vaccines?
My limited research suggests the answer has been ...
Reader responds to letter on president
In reply to Mr. Gary Roseman's letter, no, our president fits every definition of incompetent, though his blunders may well have been intentional. See the Merriman dictionary for incompetence.
There were two astounding things about President Obama's most recent national teleprompter martial yawps - ...
President is out of touch
I doubt that President Obama read Mr. Nagel's letter in last Wednesday's paper, but his speech certainly reinforced Mr. Nagel's concerns of an out-of-touch and incompetent leader. Mr. Nagel's theme has repeated itself in America's news media with shocking regularity in the last few months, as devot ...
Illegal immigrants take work from Americans
I'm on the road 8-10 months of the year trying to provide for me and my wife.
I'd would rather stay home, but the wages in the area are so depressed because of all the illegals that the local home owners and contractors use.
People who hire illegals shouldn't say a thing when they go to the hospi ...
Media skews reports on athletes
It is becoming increasingly common for the media, entertainment media and the public to clamor for the firing of athletes or other celebrities if they become involved in certain types of scandals or negative behaviors, especially if video, audio or other evidence is revealed. Examples would be Ray R ...
Tranquilization could be the answer
With all the talk of deer management on Jekyll Island I do not ever recall seeing mentioned the option of tranquilization and relocation.
After 5 minutes of research it appears it has been done before.
Across the nation many communities are struggling with this problem. Shoot to kill appears the m ...
Writer inaccurately described president
A recent letter in the News bemoans the "stunning incompetence" (writer's words) of President Obama. Even if this were the case, incompetence is an issue we all have to deal with, be it the president, governor, members of Congress, etc. However, with regard to President Obama, I am not sure the case ...
Students deserved punishment for fighting
Interesting article on the front page of The News on Wednesday entitled "Group wants girls in school."
The eight girls were arrested, charged with battery and inciting a riot.
The incident was captured on school security cameras, and apparently several teachers were injured attempting to break up ...
Parents, not schools are responsible for teaching children right from wrong
The Rev. John Perry, president of the NAACP, said the school system is responsible for teaching students right from wrong during puberty and that its failure to do so led to five girls starting a fight that led to their permanent expulsion from school.
Are you kidding me? Maybe the Rev. Perry can o ...
Facts are coming to light
One of my newspapers is reporting, "positive trends in the costs of health care." I wonder how many of those desiring to get elected this fall will continue to promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)? Another publication has said Obama is the most effective President in managing our ...

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