I was amazed at Ms. Smith's condescending article on law enforcement and her tour of American history. Perhaps she and Eric Holder could form an alliance.
I failed to understand the reasoning for her rancor against police officers, unless in her mind,
instructing a pedestrian to not walk in a tra ...
Liberals uninformed on immigration
In regards to the letter The News printed from Sue Gertis of Jekyll Island on Aug. 22 concerning immigration, like so many mis/uninformed liberals, she spouts the party line without any knowledge whatsoever about what is really the issue and what is really happening regarding immigration in this cou ...
Immigrants need compassion
Thank you Sue Gertis of Jekyll Island for your response to the letter from Gail Jarvis. Mr. Jarvis chose to voice all his fears about immigrants entering this country.
We have to care for each other, and the United States of America is deeply and richly blessed by resources. So far the ice bucket ...
Time to move on from unfortunate incident
Now that the unfortunate incident with the Brunswick Police Department test investigation has been solved, Mr. Mayor and Brunswick commissioners, let Mr. Bill Weeks take charge of the hiring of our new police chief.
That is his job, and what he is getting paid for.
Let this next chapter not have ...
Georgia Pacific owes the public answers
Georgia Pacific needs to provide information to the affected public on the chemical release that occurred on Aug. 22, as well as why it occurred, what was released, what potential harm could result and most importantly, what steps are being taken to prevent a recurrence.
I'm asking for real, hones ...
Ferguson cops were out of line
When the law is used to subordinate and abuse the citizenry, justice is called into question. Let's not forget that at one time in U.S. history slavery, segregation and extermination of the native peoples were all legal. Migrants were welcome; not declared persona non grata before they even got here ...
Candidates should be pressed for specifics
The Brunswick News ran a recent online poll to survey voters on key issues of the senatorial campaign between David Perdue and Michele Nunn. The poll reduced some very key issues facing the country to very pablum responses: Who will control the Senate, lowering the national debt, enacting policies f ...
Editorial on unleashed dogs was mistaken
Your recent editorial, "Unleashed dogs not allowed on the beach," was incorrect.
True, there are places in Glynn County where dogs must be leashed, such as county parks. And dogs are not allowed on the beach at all between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
However, during th ...
Hyrdic soil classifications shouldn't be challenged
According to The Brunswick News, county officials were alarmed that much of the land in western Glynn County contains hydric soil and is not suitable for development. Thus, they may request that our U.S. House and Senate representatives attempt to change U.S. Army Corps of Engineers hydric soil regu ...
JWSC should not have moved forward
"More due diligence" from the Joint Water and Sewer Commission is quite the understatement. How can you buy a $700,000 property and not know what's in it?
Where have I heard this before?
Where was the contingency to opt out if the building was not sound?
Children need supervision
What would you do if you suddenly had a large fire in a fire pit in the yard close behind your house at 9 p.m. with no adult present and a bunch of children running around it?
That happened to me last weekend. The adults were all inside the house partying.
This could be considered child endangerm ...
Vote for education and jobs
Two articles this week, one in the Economist and a second from the Center for Immigration Studies, highlighted America's real employment crisis.
The Economist's article cited the labor problems with Georgia's expanding film industry in Atlanta, where the inability to find set crews have forced imp ...
ASR not needed in Georgia
Many thanks to Sen. William Ligon, R-St. Simons Island, for spearheading protection of the Floridan Aquifer and The Brunswick News for covering the story.
This is a perfect example of what government and news journalism should be about : protecting the vital interests of citizens. There is nothing ...
Post office would benefit St. Simons Island residents
It is interesting that the small Sea Island Post Office is considering a move to the newer commercial area on the Sea Island Road.
While the hours of operation initially may be minimal, the many residents on the north end of St. Simons Island would have a more convenient location to conduct their p ...
Animal issue in Glynn County is sad
I am sure no one enjoys putting dogs and cats at the Glynn County Animal Services Center to death, but those who favor maintaining the shelter as is are collect.
A no-kill shelter sounds nice, but keep this in mind: the possibility will exist that we leave some animals on the street because there ...
Much of county has hydric soil
I for one had high hopes that we would see solar energy come to Glynn County. However, it was not surprising to hear that the soils in the chosen area are hydric wetland soils. Individuals and organizations like myself have been preaching for years that we are developing in areas in this county that ...
Issues should ignite passion
Nice editorial (Aug. 1) on the drainage tax. You sounded a bit impassioned, as well you should.
The so-called drainage tax was tried in Maryland and instantly dubbed "the rain tax". I think it has been repealed.
I know that it caused the state to lose one business that was planning to relocate th ...
Deer proposal is short-sighted
The Jekyll Island Authority's proposal to kill a portion of Jekyll's deer population annually is a classic example of short-term thinking. Somehow, the JIA thinks that because deer numbers might be high on Jekyll now something has to be done to bring them down.
Nature has been balancing deer numbe ...
BHS band would be wonderful ambassadors
The city of Philadelphia invited the Brunswick High School Band to march in its Thanksgiving Day parade.
Now, mission creep rears its ugly head. Suddenly, the host city becomes nearly irrelevant. New York is now in the travel mix. Why not include Boston too?
Philadelphia is the sixth largest marke ...
More wetlands good for Isles
The Golden Isles of Georgia are most fortunate to have an abundance of wetlands and great natural beauty.
Certainly the myopic article and headlines in The Brunswick News on Tuesday was very misleading.
Tourism and its affiliated businesses and services are unquestionably the engine that drives t ...
Read study before voting
I would like to urge everyone to read the report of the JIA conservation staff before voting in The Brunswick News' online poll.
This report is based on several years of detailed studies and analyses of the deer population on Jekyll Island and expert recommendations as to how to proceed. The report ...
Humane answer is possible
One of the reasons my family chose to live in this beautiful coastal area 16 years ago was because of its unspoiled beauty and obvious respect for nature.
Recently, however, there have been things which concern me greatly about the future of our barrier islands and mainland.
Talk of problems wit ...
School start dates should be carefully considered
I am a 10-year school teacher and read with interest each year the editorials and stories about the start date for Glynn County schools being in early August. Little is said about the end date.
I lived in Hampton, Va., in the 1980s when Virginia passed what was called the "Kings Dominion Law" requ ...
Dilapidated buildings a blight in city
For over a decade, I've watched growing decay overtake our city in a variety of forms, probably the most obvious being the many dilapidated, uninhabitable structures.
Empty storefronts along our premier roadway, Newcastle Street, became more numerous; the demise of life as it was once known on Norw ...
Sea Island development would be irresponsible
The proposed development of the low sliver of sand at the southern tip of Sea Island is a bad idea at best and totally irresponsible if carried out. Everyone involved knows better.
Hurricane Dora that hit Fernandina Beach in 1964 completely changed the beaches surrounding St. Simons Island. There i ...

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