ASR not needed in Georgia
Many thanks to Sen. William Ligon, R-St. Simons Island, for spearheading protection of the Floridan Aquifer and The Brunswick News for covering the story.

This is a perfect example of what government and news journalism should be about : protecting the vital interests of citizens. There is nothing more vital than safe drinking water.

Are the risks involved with aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) worth it?

Two categories of regions have to answer that question. The first are those regions that already have impure or contaminated sources for their drinking water; since they already have impurities to worry about, maybe it's worth it to them to risk the further contamination ASR poses, and deal with it.

On the other hand, Coastal Georgia may be alone in the second category. Our water from the Floridan Aquifer is pristine, and there is no reason to risk contaminating it by pumping treated water into it for storage.

For all regions of Georgia, there are many other alternatives for water management and conservation that should be used before ASR is ever considered.

If you want to keep your water safe, you should support in any way you can Sen. Ligon's vision of a law that forever prohibits use of the Floridan Aquifer for ASR. And to the ASR lobbyists and the businesses they represent, I don't mean this in a bad way, but please go away and leave our legislators alone.

We don't want or need ASR in Georgia.

When you can absolutely guarantee that ASR won't harm the Floridan Aquifer, come back and see us.

Ken Cate


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