Read study before voting
I would like to urge everyone to read the report of the JIA conservation staff before voting in The Brunswick News' online poll.

This report is based on several years of detailed studies and analyses of the deer population on Jekyll Island and expert recommendations as to how to proceed. The report is available on line at

The report also covers the shortcomings of proposed humane alternatives to the recommendation to have a sharpshooter hunt.

It is easy to have an opinion based on our love of Bambi and other myths but hard to face the facts. We all love the deer, but most of us who are trying to approach the situation unemotionally realize there are too many here on Jekyll Island.

It is apparent that they are underfed by the numbers approaching human residences to feed on plants that they would normally eschew.

The report also details some of their health issues.

Please read the report and think before forming an opinion and voting.

Chuck Diefenderfer

Jekyll Island

(Editor's note: This is the final day of the online poll, which can be found at the newspaper's website,

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