Candidates should be pressed for specifics
The Brunswick News ran a recent online poll to survey voters on key issues of the senatorial campaign between David Perdue and Michele Nunn. The poll reduced some very key issues facing the country to very pablum responses: Who will control the Senate, lowering the national debt, enacting policies favorable to job growth, maintaining a strong military and getting rid of Obamacare.

Each of these issues has an extreme amount of depth required for a meaningful answer. If "who will control the Senate" is meant to ask the question "is it better for the country to have gridlock than for one party to have an edge so that it controls the legislative agenda" or if "maintaining a strong defense" is meant to address the issue of the U.S. attempting to maintain its dominant military position and world policeman status at whatever cost, the poll questions are not sufficiently structured for a person to provide a real answer. Who is not for a strong defense? I certainly do not want adversaries showing up on the beaches in an invasion, but likewise I am appalled at U.S. meddling in the affairs of other countries to foist some U.S. idea of what democracy should be.

None of the questions addresses my key issue for the next election. Does either senatorial candidate have the moral conviction to stand up and break the federal bureaucracy dictatorship of the country? The tip of this was seen when North and Poindexter lied to Congress about gun running in Central America which eventually became the Iran Contra scandal.

Today we have the IRS lying to Congress; the CIA spying on the Senate; NSA reading everyone's mail, listening to their phone calls and collecting everyones' data, to cite a few major examples.

The senatorial candidates must have very clean backgrounds and high moral and ethical standards, because the federal bureaucracy will seek to find an edge to force the elected official to do their bidding.

What the Brunswick News should do is ask each candidate their views on the issues of the country and not accept stock simplistic answers such as "I am for a strong defense" or "lower the national debt" or" I want policies that promote job growth."

If candidates can't or refuse to answer this level of questioning The Brunswick News should do its journalistic duty by boldly telling its readers so.

Donald Elliott

St. Simons Island

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