Much of county has hydric soil
I for one had high hopes that we would see solar energy come to Glynn County. However, it was not surprising to hear that the soils in the chosen area are hydric wetland soils. Individuals and organizations like myself have been preaching for years that we are developing in areas in this county that were not intended for development by nature.

Glynn County for the most part was ditched and drained by Glynn County and the forestry industry years ago, yet many of these same areas still retain there hydric characteristics. Many of our new and old neighborhoods are sitting dead smack in the middle of wetlands (hydric soils). We are now finally becoming rehydrated from many years of drought and these people are finding water collecting at their door steps because some developer was more interested in money than protecting their clients.

It is about time the federal government caught up on this issue, so now maybe people in this county will get some protection for their hard earned dollars in land/home deals.

James Holland


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