Take care when passing cyclists
In response to the Letter to the Editor by Lindsey Santillo on July 18, I was shocked to read the part of the letter where she claimed to have run cyclists off the road or almost collided with them through no fault of her own.

I beg you to stop running cyclists off the road. First of all, it is illegal and second of all, it hurts when you crash. When you drive a car, you are responsible for your actions.

As a cyclist I have firsthand knowledge of how close some people in cars come to people on bicycles when passing.

You would think that it would be common sense to wait until you have enough space to pass safely and give plenty of clearance so that a collision does not occur. Sadly it's not common sense.

It's become a big enough problem, in fact, to prompt a state law requiring motorists to give at least three feet clearance to another vehicle while passing.

If that means you have to wait 30 seconds before you can pass someone safely, then please wait. Remember that a cyclist is a living, breathing person who wants be living and breathing tomorrow.

Kevin Ross

St. Simons Island

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