Deer proposal is short-sighted
The Jekyll Island Authority's proposal to kill a portion of Jekyll's deer population annually is a classic example of short-term thinking. Somehow, the JIA thinks that because deer numbers might be high on Jekyll now something has to be done to bring them down.

Nature has been balancing deer numbers with habitat conditions for centuries. Does the JIA really think it can do better? Is the authority so rich these days that it can afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars to "manage" Jekyll's deer herd when nature can do it for free?

And let's not forget that where nature weeds out the deer that are old or sick, the federal gunmen the JIA proposes to hire to kill deer will shoot deer irrespective of their health condition. The feds are getting paid per head.

Nature doesn't ask for anything other than to be left alone.

Bonnie E. Newell

Jekyll Island

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