Board's study is inaccurate
The Jekyll Island Authority and the JIA Board have voted unanimously to shoot and kill half the deer population on the island, starting with 80-100 the first year so as not to be shocking to the public.

Their findings show inaccurately that there are too many deer.

If in fact there are too many deer there is a more humane way to deal with this problem with a contraceptive approach now being used in other places all over the country. But no, the authority and the board want to use USDA sharpshooters. Hunting, by the way, on Jekyll is illegal because it's a state park.

Another point of concern is the fact that the USDA wildlife services are being investigated and there is a bill in the Senate to defund them because of the inhumane handling of wildlife. When federal sharpshooters are sent to cull a herd they bait the deer with food, which is illegal in Georgia, to bring them to a specific spot then shoot them or put plastic bags over their heads to suffocate them - does with fetuses, fawns or bucks, they don't care. Is this the image Gov. Nathan Deal, the authority and board, appointees of the governor, want visitors and the public to have of this beautiful state park? I think not.

The Jekyll Island Conservation Plan regarding wildlife states: Jekyll Island provides protected habitat for the abundance of wildlife, including deer, raccoons, alligators, foxes and many species of birds.

Sandy Cerrato

Jekyll Island

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