Issues should ignite passion
Nice editorial (Aug. 1) on the drainage tax. You sounded a bit impassioned, as well you should.

The so-called drainage tax was tried in Maryland and instantly dubbed "the rain tax". I think it has been repealed.

I know that it caused the state to lose one business that was planning to relocate there. The four acres of pavement the business would have required for product storage was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Incidentally, they have on-site water dispersion systems now that make the need for the tax ludicrous.

We are not as dumb as they think.

It reminds me of one time we were waiting for a delayed Aeroflot flight and a heavy Russian accent came on the PA system and announced in three languages that the flight was delayed because there was "no airspace available over the Atlantic." The Russian passengers all sat like sheep, but the dozen or so Americans stood without a word, enmass and charged the counter.

If enacted, "the rain tax" is going to be a big blow to the auto transfer businesses.

On a separate matter, if I were The Brunswick News, I would get impassioned about the decaying waterfront down town. There is so much that could be done there if the right folks are cranked up.

Bob Hilton


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