JIA decision is appalling
As someone who loves Jekyll Island and its wildlife, I am appalled at the JIA decision to kill deer on the island.

A highly questionable "study" claims that the island is overpopulated with deer and to save plant life the slaughter of deer is needed.

This study, apparently from what I have heard, involved a person counting deer in areas where they are known to feed. It was then apparently concluded that there are the same number of deer in areas of the island which were not surveyed, producing an inflated count for the island.

I am no expert, but this hardly seems scientific to me.

Shooting deer on an island that has long portrayed itself as a sanctuary for wildlife is not only inhumane, but to do so based on a study comprised of faulty data makes no sense. And to do so at a time when Jekyll is poised to become one of the prime tourist destinations on the eastern seaboard is ill-advised.

Beyond the humane issue involved here, shooting high powered rifles in an area inhabited with residents and tourists is irresponsible and dangerous.

I urge the JIA and Gov. Nathan Deal to rethink this decision. A true scientific study and public discussion would go a long way to finding out if there is truly overpopulation and finding a humane, nonlethal solution if there should actually be a problem.

Jane Sapp


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