Cars pose serious dangerous risks
One of the most dangerous perils of summer is the act of leaving children, older adults and pets in hot secured cars for long periods of time.

Last year we lost 44 children, and thus far this year we are well into the mid teens. With the hustle and bustle of today's life and all that it entails, it seems a lot of at-fault parents forget their children are in the cars. I don't see how. However, if they truly are that forgetful, let the more proactive amongst us endeavor to stop responding with knee jerk disappointments and help these ailing parents/caregivers.

It is my belief that technology exists that may prevent reoccurrences of these unfortunate situations. If the ability has not been developed then I feel sure some simple procedure can be implemented to cover in its stead.

My everyday drive is a 10 year old 2004 Ford F-150 Lariat Crew Cab pickup truck. It will not allow me to lock my keys in the truck. If I should forget and attempt to do so, the vehicle will signal with a flash of the lights, a toot of the horn, and the driver's door will unlock.

With this technology available, why can't all 2016 vehicles have standard safety equipment to include sensors in all necessary seats that will notify the driver with a flash of the lights, a toot of the horn, doors unlocking and maybe even windows going down? Surely a sensor in each of the necessary seats should not increase the price of each unit more than $100. Compare this minimal expense to the number of lives that can be saved each year.

If that number is at least one, then we have all succeeded.

James C. Fedd

Glynn County Board of Health


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