Schools should be aided through pilot programs
Another good reporting job in (the July 8) newspaper.

Not being sure of some school locations, is it reasonable to assume that Burroughs-Molette Elementary probably has a demographic situation where the less fortunate are of a higher percentage of the student population than in other much higher performing schools?

(Burroughs-Molette had the lowest scores in Glynn County on 2013 Criterion Referenced Competency tests.)

If this assumption is true, then wouldn't Burroughs-Molette school be the clear choice for a special pilot program to improve reading performance to at least the level of Sterling Elementary and hopefully up to Golden Isles Elementary?

I am thinking of a pilot program that includes the previously approved $2.6 million intervention programs but goes beyond that to include extensive and intensive, blunt, honest, ongoing, parental communication, extensive public communication of goals and progress, a form of "carrot and stick" program for the school teachers and staff, a "carrots only" program for the successful students, some controlled involvement of community leaders, particularly those in the Burroughs-Molette school area.

Don Daleen

St. Simons Island

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