Time to stop failing children, ourselves
Your editorial concerning young adults committing acts of unprovoked brutality offered a stark portrait of a nationwide problem. You wonder what is causing it and what can we do. Surprisingly, your editorial mentioned many of the answers to this problem. Unfortunately, because of the law of sowing and reaping, we are destined to watch as the current crop of young people fulfill the effects of no home discipline, no respect for authority and no absolute distinction between right and wrong.

Movies, television and videos are bombarding our kids with vile material. Video games are not the harmless past-time of years gone by but are mind blowingly realistic as they take your kids on a journey "where no man has gone before."

These are not games per se, but they serve to immerse malleable minds into startlingly brutal and bloody conflicts.

It's time to stop tiptoeing through the tulips trying to be politically correct by being our kids "friend." Forget being friends. They have those.

What they need are parents who are willing to do whatever it takes to become involved in their lives by showing them tough love. Make them accountable. Know whom they hang around with. Let them know you love them too much to allow them to do whatever they feel like doing.

And pray, yes, pray. He loves your kids more than you do. Ask for guidance.

You ended your editorial by asking the questions, "are we failing our children and if we are, what can we do to reverse it and how soon can we start?" I say yes we are failing our children and ourselves and the time to begin is now.

Thomas Goodrich


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