Immigration solution must lie in the middle
Aren't the wild swings in Americas immigration policies amazing?

I think it was about 75 years ago that our rigid immigration policies would not allow a boatload of German Jewish political refugees to land on our shores. All were known to be in grave danger at home. Most had assets to offer our country. All would have been no drain on our society. We sent many back to their deaths.

Now, we do nothing to stop planeloads of illegal juveniles from landing at our airports. None appear to be in immediate danger, some have illegal agendas, all have nothing to offer but problems.

Somewhere in the middle must lie the answer.

I have a question for you: Why can't the entire nation, with years to work and unlimited resources, secure its borders against civilians? I have seen a good company of its infantry and a squad of engineers secure 300 yards of perimeter against armed foes overnight with just concertina and trip flares.

Bob Hilton


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