More wetlands good for Isles
The Golden Isles of Georgia are most fortunate to have an abundance of wetlands and great natural beauty.

Certainly the myopic article and headlines in The Brunswick News on Tuesday was very misleading.

Tourism and its affiliated businesses and services are unquestionably the engine that drives the local economy. Extensive market research has established that the top reasons visitors give for coming to our area are the beach, the marshes, the natural beauty, the trees, the "laid back" charm and related life-style attractions.

The conclusion was that these oft-overlooked environmental appeals may be more important to the economic health and growth of the Golden Isles than many of the usual searches for new industry and businesses that dominate our politics and development efforts. It's good business to be environmentally friendly!

Work hard to recruit new industry to the Golden Isles, but not at the expense of tourism and the environment. Glynn County as a whole has a horrible environmental past, and ranks among the worse areas in the nation in contaminated super-fund sites.

At the same time, work hard to avoid such disasters, on the islands, on the mainland and in Brunswick. It just makes good sense, both economically and in improved quality of life.

Make Glynn County the "Eco-Tourist Center of the Georgia Coast".

More wetlands are good, not bad.

Stan Humphries

St. Simons Island

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