There are alternatives to homeless shelter dispute
I appreciate the effort that is being put forth to establish a daytime homeless shelter by the Rev. Culpepper. The homeless are here, their numbers are growing, and there appears to be no end to circumstances that have forced these residents to adopt their current standard of living.

And I appreciate the public support that has been demonstrated by editorials and letters from the public that have appeared in these columns. I also recognize the fact that many of those letters of support come from people who have no direct connection to that particular part of Brunswick or the city itself in general. They live elsewhere.

The current deserted bus station is zoned general commercial. If you look at the possible uses for property with such zoning, there appears to be (at least to my eyes) nothing that really meets the intended purpose of such a shelter.

I would like to offer this as a possible alternative solution. Put this endeavor on the back burner for now and withdraw the offer that has been made on this property.

When the new sheriffs complex opens, there will be a building available with an already intact system for showering, laundering, resting, administrative offices, etc. The Rev. Culpepper could lease this from the current owners, perform some relatively minor modifications, rename the facility, and be able to offer the services he desires in a location that is still located in an area that is readily accessible to those who need it most.

In addition, it would be in a centralized location adjacent to many attorney offices who could make their services available to those in need of legal council. Some of our homeless may, indeed, qualify for some type of government assistance or benefits that professional help could help them to attain.

As I have stated, I applaud the efforts to aid those of us in the most need, but I also believe that we must be aware of the potential impact of such a facility to our already struggling downtown area.

Jim Miller


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