School start dates should be carefully considered
I am a 10-year school teacher and read with interest each year the editorials and stories about the start date for Glynn County schools being in early August. Little is said about the end date.

I lived in Hampton, Va., in the 1980s when Virginia passed what was called the "Kings Dominion Law" requiring a school start after Labor Day for tourism. A web search would reveal the results of this law for 30 years and the attempts in recent years to amend and appeal it.

I looked up the Hampton City Schools calendar for last year. It started on Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013 and ended Friday, June 16, 2014. You lose the three weeks at the beginning of summer for three weeks at the end of summer as 180 school days still need to take place.

I'll leave the discussion of the academic consequences of such a calendar for another time.

Beware the "law of unintended consequences" with all decisions regarding this topic. Please be sure everything is considered before decisions are made.

Mark Warren


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