BHS band would be wonderful ambassadors
The city of Philadelphia invited the Brunswick High School Band to march in its Thanksgiving Day parade.

Now, mission creep rears its ugly head. Suddenly, the host city becomes nearly irrelevant. New York is now in the travel mix. Why not include Boston too?

Philadelphia is the sixth largest market in the U.S. with a population of 1.6 million people. Brunswick is the 268th largest market with a population of 113,448. The band would do well to honor and respect its host.

The attitude of band boosters appears disrespectful, dismissive of the host city and what appears to be unnecessarily expensive.

There is an opportunity to be seen and explore a market of 1.6 million people in the most historic city in the nation.

Philadelphia offers many interesting cultural and historic perspectives in a city founded by William Penn in 1681. See the waterfront, visit the parks, experience the Italian market, the awe of the Academy of Music, Valley Forge park, birth place of the U.S. Marine Corps. See the Philadelphia Zoo, Fort Mifflin where the British Navy laid on the most ferocious naval bombardment of the entire 18th century.

In 1774, Philadelphia was the second largest English speaking city in the world with a population of 40,000. New York had 25,000, Boston 15,000 and Charleston 12,000.

The band members are young, creative and eager to learn. Hopefully, they will be afforded time to savor this experience in a place to which they were specifically invited.

Many of these talented young people will eventually visit New York.

With their charm and poise they will be wonderful ambassadors for Brunswick and the Golden Isles. Some of those Philadelphians may be persuaded to check out this place we call home.

Joseph M. Lawson


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