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Coastal trail plan under way in Camden
WOODBINE -- Work is set to begin on improvements at the Woodbine section of the Georgia Coast Rail Trail.

Terry Landruth, Camden County chairman of the trail system that when complete will stretch from Riceboro to the Florida line, said renovations of an old movie theater in Woodbine will enhance the experience for visitors. Once work is completed, the old theater building will include public restrooms, a comfort station and additional parking for trail users.

Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay and the Seabees, Navy engineers, have volunteered to make improvements at the trail head so visitors see a defined path entrance.

There are also discussions about adding more trails in Camden County. Landruth said organizers are trying to generate support for a trail that would run from the Sugarmill tabby ruins near the Navy base to Crooked River State Park.

Landruth said he believes a trail to the state park, which attracts 80,000 visitors annually, would be popular among visitors and residents.

"We really want to promote the trail from the tabby ruins to Crooked River State Park," he said. "It's good because it promotes connectivity."

Other than Riceboro in Liberty County, the only other completed portions of the Georgia Coast Rail Trail are in Camden County with the three-mile Woodbine trail and another section more than two miles long about five miles north in White Oak.

"No other sections are done yet," he said. "We were going gangbusters until the economy turned."

The White Oak section is hardly used, but Landruth said it's an ideal trail for people to walk their dogs without having to worry about their pets.

"This is a perfect dog walk," he said. "That's the way it was designed up there."

Landruth believes each portion of the trail that is completed will generate support for more trails.

"Once a trail gets built, you can't stop," he said. "People want more. In Camden County, we're close to moving on the next section."

* Reporter Gordon Jackson writes about Camden County. Contact him at gjackson@the

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