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Airport ponders job
The Glynn County Airport Commission is considering hiring an assistant director, but some tenants question if it's the best use of the airport's money.

An assistant director position has never been on the books at the airport and would support executive director Steve Brian.

It's a job that's been talked about for a while and is needed to keep up with the pace of work, Brian said, noting that the commission has one of the smallest staffs for an airport its size.

The director oversees the operation of the Brunswick Golden Isles Airport on the mainland and the McKinnon St. Simons Island Airport on the island.

Airport Commission Chairwoman Laura McKinley thinks the position is needed not only to supplement Brian's work but to create a contingency plan if Brian were no longer in his position.

"From a secession planning standpoint, we really need that position filled," McKinley said. "This is more of a strategic and long-term thing."

But Janice Britton, secretary of the Glynn County Tenants Association, doesn't feel it's a responsible use of the commission's funding.

The airport has projects underway that it is struggling to fund, like an $11 million runway project.

"Then where do they have the money to hire someone?" Britton asked. "The tenants do not feel it is an appropriate use of airport funds at the time."

The position would have to be approved by the Glynn County Commission, McKinley said.

An assistant cannot be hired until the position is included in the airport's next budget.

"Today we couldn't go and hire them because of our budget," McKinley said.

The commission's new fiscal budget year will begin July 1.

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