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Traffic light, crossings coming
The Altama Avenue entrance to College of Coastal Georgia and new Brunswick High School is getting a face-lift.

City of Brunswick crews are working to modify the four-lane roadway in front of the two schools to create an intersection with a traffic light that serves the college and the high school when its construction is complete.

"It will make it easier for students driving from one school to the other or turning into the high school," said City Engineer Dan McFee.

It's a coordinated effort between the city and the college. The intersection will create a landmark entrance to the college featuring the proposed Founders Gate and accompanying James A. Bishop Arch.

Some high school students take classes at the college in a dual enrollment program and the intersection will make transportation safer.

"It will also make it safer to pedestrians crossing there," McFee said. "So if students have classes at both the high school and the college they can actually just walk across the street."

The intersection will also benefit nearby College Place United Methodist Church, also on Altama Avenue. A full access turning lane will be installed allowing drivers to make a left turn into the church.

McFee expects the work to be completed in April.

* Reporter Nikki Wiley writes about government, business and other local topics. Contact her at, on Facebook or at 265-8320, ext. 321.

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