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Camden officials to name attorney picks
WOODBINE -- Eight lawyers - five from Glynn County and three from Camden County - may know this week who will be offered the job of Camden County attorney.

Commissioners plan to each name their top two choices at a 5 p.m. workshop Tuesday before the regularly scheduled commission meeting at 6 p.m.

The choices will be compared to determine if there is a consensus among commissioners on who to hire for the position, said Katie Bishop, Camden County clerk.

If there is no consensus, commissioners will discuss the pros and cons of their choices and try to reach an agreement on who to hire.

Camden County lawyers being considered are Jim Stein, Michael Perry and John S. Myers.

Glynn County lawyers applying for the position are James Coppage, Charles A. Drominy, Thomas J. Lee, Will Worley and Gary Moore, currently the city attorney for St. Marys.

Bishop said it's likely a vote on who to hire won't come until after a contract is negotiated with the new county attorney. She said it's more likely a vote will be held at the March 4 commission meeting.

The new county attorney will replace Brent Green, who served in the position nearly 20 years. Green resigned Jan. 1 to accept an appointment as juvenile court judge.

The county advertised in the local bar association for applicants, who were asked to submit a letter of intent, a resume and three references. Some candidates also submitted written proposals outlining their salary demands and how they would represent the county.

Bishop said commissioners are looking for a lawyer to perform similar duties as Green, who was the full-time county attorney. Green attended all county commission meetings and provided legal counsel to other county agencies and boards.

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