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Volunteers help keep charity ringing
While leaving Big Lots on Altama Avenue on Thursday, Loretta Palmer reached into her pocket and added to the jingle of the Salvation Army's red kettle at the store exit.

Donating money is her way of giving thanks and extending the reach of the Salvation Army to the homeless and poor in the Golden Isles.

"I try to give every year because I know times are hard, especially for the poor," Palmer said. "There are so many people who depend on (the Salvation Army) to have a decent Christmas, especially for their kids."

Palmer knows first hand what it's like to fall on hard times. She had to ask the Salvation Army for help herself when times were tough.

"I know what it's like. If you've ever been there, you understand the struggle and you would help," she said. "I'm thankful I'm able to provide and able to donate to the cause."

The Red Kettle Drive that places volunteers at more than 18 sites around the community six days a week relies on the generosity of passersby.

Red kettle volunteers do not collect on Sundays.

Kelsey Sapp, 18, one of the volunteer bell ringers, is glad to be part of the seasonal fundraiser.

"I volunteered because helping really does give you a good feeling," Sapp said. "It's a great cause and worth giving to."

Sapp says she sees a lot of people put money in the red kettle, which makes her feel good and gets her into the Christmas spirit.

Brunswick Salvation Army Capt. Scott Lyles is pleased with how the fundraising effort is going so far this season.

"Last time I checked, we've raised more than $13,000 toward our $80,000 goal," Lyles said. "The fundraising will continue until Dec. 24."

He said the organization could use a few more people.

"We could always use more volunteers," Lyles said. "Anyone can call our office to schedule a time to volunteer."

Salvation Army's other holiday program, the Angel Tree, is going superbly, he said.

The program's success depends on residents adopting an angel and purchasing the listed items. The lists are actually the wish lists of children in needy families who will receive the purchases.

"Our Angel Trees (at Glynn Place Mall) have been put out, and people have picked most of them up," Lyles said. "We're even getting toys back to our warehouse."

The deadline to pick up and return gifts for the Angel Tree is Dec. 8, Lyles said.

You can help

To volunteer for the Red Kettle Drive, adopt a child on an Angel Tree or donate to the Salvation Army, call the Salvation Army office at 265-9381.

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