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Ingrid Metz welcomed to school board
The Glynn County Board of Education welcomed a new member Wednesday and learned it will be saying goodbye to a veteran member in four years.

Ingrid Metz assumed her seat on the board for the first time, while Venus Holmes, who was sworn in for her fourth term, announced it will be her last. Jerry Mancil and John Madala were also sworn in for their second terms.

Metz, who defeated incumbent Ray Snow for the District 1 seat in November's general election, was sworn in by Lisa Godbey Wood, chief judge for the U.S. District Court's Southern district of Georgia. Metz chose Godbey Wood to administer her oath of office because the judge is a member of the Parent Teacher Association at Oglethorpe Point Elementary.

Before swearing Metz in, Godbey Wood had some advice for her.

"This is the most important of public trusts," Godbey Wood said. "What we put in your hands are our children and our grandchildren, who are the future of our county."

After the ceremony, Metz said those same children are the very reason she ran for office.

"The only reason I ran was for the children I served for 29 years as a teacher at Brunswick High, and for their children and grandchildren," Metz said.

She will serve on the board with Mancil, who Metz taught at Brunswick High School.

"This certainly is an honor, especially to be standing next to one of my former students," Metz said.

While Metz is getting used to the gig, Holmes will be preparing for a life after the board of education.

After this term, Holmes will have been a board member for 16 years.

"I have enjoyed being on this board because I feel like I have made a difference," Holmes said.

She said District 5 will be ready for some new blood and a younger perspective by the time she leaves.

"I want to thank you for putting your trust in me for another four years," Holmes told the crowd.

Holmes, along with Madala and Mancil, were sworn in by Glynn County Probate Judge Debra Howes.

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