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College gets boost from renovations
Valerie Hepburn, president of College of Coastal Georgia, is noticeably excited about the completion of renovations to two of the original buildings on the Brunswick campus.

"This has been what our master plan was all about," Hepburn said as she showed off the new coastal ecology lab.

The Jones Building and the Academic Commons North building, both built in the 1960s when the campus was known as Brunswick Junior College, are now completely new on the inside.

The commons building will primarily house faculty offices.

The Jones Building features classrooms, lecture halls and four state-of-the-art labs for different science programs.

What makes Hepburn happiest is how the renovations came about.

The General Assembly set aside $5.9 million to renovate just one building, but when architects started developing plans they realized both could be redone within the budget.

Hepburn said it is another example of how well things have fallen into place for the college.

"This is just the way things have gone for us," Hepburn said.

Both buildings were sorely in need of updates, she added.

"Kids are coming out of places that were more advanced than what we had," Hepburn said. "Our students here need to be able to learn at the highest level to enter the workforce."

Faculty will benefit as well. In addition to more usable office space, the teaching staff will have more room to continue their own studies.

"Our science faculty didn't even have their own research labs," Hepburn said.

The labs will also serve students in need of space for special research projects.

The Academic Commons South building is now the only original building on campus in need of renovations.

Hepburn said the University System of Georgia Board of Regents will request more than $2 million for that project during the next session of the state General Assembly, which begins in January.

Learn more:

College of Coastal Georgia will hold an open house for public viewing of the Jones Building and the Academic Commons North Building from 3 to 5 p.m. Tuesday. Parking will be available in Lot B, accessible from Altama Avenue and adjacent to the Howard Coffin Building.

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