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Camden names new county attorney
WOODBINE -- John Myers, a St. Marys lawyer, will take over the duties of attorney for the Camden County Commission.

The job has been vacant since Jan. 1, when former county attorney Brent Green accepted an appointment as juvenile court judge.

A contract is expected to be negotiated before the commission meeting Tuesday, when the commission will vote on it.

Myers, a lifelong Camden County resident who has had a law practice since 1988, said he was interested in serving to give back to the county.

While he has never served as a county attorney, Myers said he has other experience that make him qualified for the job.

"I've sued cities, counties and government agencies," he said.

Myers said his experience as a former Municipal Court judge in St. Marys will be helpful in his new job.

"I think ordinance enforcement is a big responsibility for county attorneys," he said. "The county attorney is there to make sure things are done according to the law. County attorneys act as litigation managers."

Myers said he plans to scale back his private law practice to devote his attention to his new duties.

"I plan to make Camden County my lead client," he said. "I intend to spend most of my time doing the job."

As full-time county attorney, Myers will represent the county in court cases and provide legal counsel at commission and authority meetings.

If he needs background on any issues, Myers said he will contact Green, whose office is in the same government complex.

"I'm glad Brent is there to rely on," Myers said. "He left the county under the best possible circumstances. I think he will be able to help from time to time."

* Reporter Gordon Jackson writes about Camden County and other local topics. Contact him at, on Facebook or at 464-7655.

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