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Man fights profits of health center sale
WOODBINE -- A Camden County man has filed two complaints designed to block any agreement between the St. Marys Hospital Authority and the city that would allow proceeds from the sale of a convalescent center to be used to support senior citizen programs.

Mary Helen Moses, a lawyer representing Jeremy Spencer, brother of State Rep. Jason Spencer, R-Woodbine, filed a motion to intervene and a counterclaim in Camden County Superior Court on Monday.

Jason Spencer has questioned the authority's support of senior citizen programs instead of spending the money from the sale for indigent health care for city residents. The authority currently has an estimated $3.6 million in its bank account.

The motion to intervene asks for a hearing to block the hospital authority's motion to modify a 2007 court order with the city of St. Marys that required the authority to spend the proceeds from the sale of the convalescent center for indigent health care. The motion describes the attempt to modify the 2007 agreement "unlawful."

The motion also claims authority members spent some of the proceeds on "lavish dinners for its members" and a consulting fee for the authority's treasurer.

The motion claims the city and authority are "colluding toward a resolution without any investigation of the facts."

The counterclaim also filed Monday claims authority lawyer Jim Stein "misrepresented" the claim the Attorney General's Office approved for the uses of proceeds from the sale to support senior citizen programs and called for an audit.

Stein denied the claim and said an audit is under way, even though the state has never requested one.

He said the claims were "absolutely false" and the legal action will simply delay an agreement the city and authority planned to ask the court to approve.

"That statement holds no merit, whatsoever," he said. "They're delaying everything. We're going to be sending him a motion for frivolous litigation. There's no basis to the claim."

* Reporter Gordon Jackson writes about Camden County and other local topics. Contact him at, on Facebook or at 464-7655.

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