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Lieutenant governor talks economy
A strong education infrastructure is an important component of economic development, Georgia's lieutenant governor emphasized Monday during a visit to College of Coastal Georgia.

Casey Cagle, who met with local leaders and toured different parts of the county, said he is happy to see recent growth at the college.

He hopes the school will develop into an important economic engine for Brunswick and the rest of the coastal region. Encouraging that will take significant investment from both the community and legislators in Atlanta, Cagle said.

"Anytime you have an institution that has gone through these types of changes, you have to have an investment," he said. "We understand that investment will give people the chance to get a great education."

After hearing presentations from school officials, including business dean Skip Mounts, nursing dean Patricia Kraft and service learning director Phillis George, Cagle said the college is headed in the right direction.

"You understand your niche," he said.

The service learning initiative, which teaches students how to apply in the community what they learn in classes, is the type of program that will pay dividends by developing a wide variety of college graduates for prepared the work force, Cagle said.

"We will attract the kind of industry we need with that mind set," he said.

Maintaining affordable tuition rates is also important to growth at the school, Cagle said.

College of Coastal Georgia is one of the University System of Georgia's access institutions designed to offer affordable education to a wide swath of students.

The college is moving in the right direction, which bodes well for the future, Cagle said.

"It is a lot easier to steer a moving ship than one sitting still," he said.

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