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Effort puts family in driver's seat
It doesn't take a car lover to enjoy the sound of a roaring engine.

Just ask Dawn Savery, who turned the ignition of a renovated Mazda van Wednesday afternoon and rejoiced.

It was the first time she'd started a car of her own in a while.

It's all thanks to Eurora Moses Harris, who was a complete stranger until Wednesday when she passed Savery the title and keys to the van.

"I had this van, and it needed some repairs, and I just didn't want to put more money into it," Harris said.

Harris knew the van was in good shape, save for its engine, which needed to be rebuilt.

A+ Tires in Brunswick knew of a way to help, said Kester Moore, owner of the business.

"I thought we'd consider taking it as a shop project to see if we could fix it up and give it to a needy family," Moore said.

He knew of a program run by NAPA Auto Parts, where it supplies parts - in this case, a used engine, a battery, wiper blades and more - for a vehicle that will be donated to a needy family. A local shop like Moore's does the repairs.

"Our staff did all the work getting the car in reasonably sound condition for the give-away," Moore said.

The Rev. Wright Culpepper with Faithworks Ministries and Harris worked to find a suitable candidate for the car.

"I really wanted to see someone who really deserved the car receive it," Harris said.

Savery was among a small group of residents deemed in need of transportation and one of five names chosen for the drawing for the car Wednesday.

"I am so filled with joy and happiness," Savery said. "I feel like it was in God's plan to put it in their hearts to do this for me."

With three children, it's not easy to get around without wheels, she said.

With a van, Savery says she'll be able to be available for more activities at Greater Hall Temple, help out in the community and help transport her active children.

"Now I can turn around and give others a ride," Savery said.

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