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Worker gets bad check
By Gordon Jackson

The Brunswick News

A Glynn County woman says she fears a jail construction job gone sour could put her and her husband on the street.

Becky Revell says her husband, Scott Revell, was one of about 15 Z/3 Enterprise South employees whose payroll checks bounced, allegedly because of of insufficient funds in the account on which they were written.

The company was hired as a subcontractor to do concrete work at the new Glynn County Detention Center on U.S. 341, south of Community Road.

Now, Revell says she and her husband face the possibility of being homeless because of the unexpected loss of the job.

"When my husband got this job, we were so excited," Revell said. "Now, we're not sure what we're going to do."

That shouldn't be a problem, said Allstate Construction, the company that was awarded the $19.9 million contract to build the 610-bed jail. It has terminated Z/3 Enterprise South and will pay the 15 employees for their work.

Scott Brewer, vice president of operations for Allstate, said Z/3 was subcontracted to perform the labor for concrete work at the jail site and that company was paid in a "timely and professional manner."

"Allstate has made our payment obligations to Z/3 to date and it is Z/3's responsibility to disperse payments (to employees) accordingly and in a timely manner," Brewer said.

But apparently there were concerns some Z/3 employees were not getting paid, he said.

While some employees may still be waiting to get paid for their work, Brewer said Allstate will make sure they are compensated financially for work performed at the 35-acre jail site south of Community Road.

"We are working to verify Z/3's payroll records and we will strive to ensure that all of Z/3's employees are paid for work in this project," he said. "While it is regrettable that Z/3 will not be able to complete the balance of the concrete work on this project, Allstate is already in negotiations with other subcontractors to perform the remaining concrete work.

"With the change in subcontractors, Allstate does not anticipate any adverse impact on the project schedule."

No contact information was available to seek comment from Z/3 Enterprise South officials.

Brewer recommends the Z/3 employees who went through the Georgia Department of Labor for their jobs update their applications.

Glynn County Commission Chair Mary Hunt, apprised of the problem, said her concern is that work at the site, which is currently ahead of schedule for the March 2014 completion date, remain on schedule.

"I'm hoping Allstate has the situation under control," Hunt said. "As long as it stays on schedule and on budget, I'm happy."

* Reporter Gordon Jackson writes about government and other local topics. Contact him at, on Facebook or at 265-83220, ext. 323.

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