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Commission defers requests for land
The future of a piece of property sparked a bit of controversy at the Glynn County Commission meeting Thursday.

An application submitted by Patricia Newman and Christian Renewal Ministries for the county to abandon a portion of Jenkins Lane and Roadway Road right-of-way was deferred to the July 18 county meeting when a resident opposed the request. Newman and Christian Renewal Ministries want to build a cul-de-sac to help large vehicles, like school buses, turn right on Jenkins Lane because they say it's a dangerous turn and has potential for an accident.

A resident who has property on the road opposed the application, saying there hasn't been an accident there in the 60 years he's been there.

The back-and-forth dialogue of those who were for and against the application lasted nearly two hours. If the road is as dangerous as the applicants claim, the county should just close it instead of abandoning it, Commissioner Bob Coleman said.

He motioned to defer the application to allow Newman and the Christian Renewal Ministries to either withdraw or reword the application and present it at the July 18 commission meeting. The motion passed.

Also Thursday, the commission approved the new Selden Park rental fees. Among other things, customers will be able to rent the ground area for $400 a day, and customers can rent the gym and ground area for $700 a day.

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