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Artist has a vision for photography
Like many residents of the Golden Isles, Ann Nermoe thought it would be fun to live at the beach. But the move from Atlanta in 1980 brought with it more opportunities than just the chance to swim and sunbathe.

"I moved here to take a position with Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor. I met my husband, Peter, in 1986 and we married in 1987 and had a daughter, Allison," she said. "I am retiring from Merrill Lynch in July after almost 32 years and look forward to spending more time with my family and enjoy the hobbies that I have."

And her most prominent hobby - photography - will certainly be at the top of that list. Nermoe has always loved taking pictures, even as a child when she was wielding a Kodak Instamatic camera. As she grew up, it was passion that continued to grow.

"I even took a photography class in my early 20s. I bought an SLR camera and loved all that it could do but really got involved more when digital cameras came out. My husband gave me one in 2001 and I was fascinated by it," she said. "Since it was not as popular back then, I searched online for some classes or workshops I could take, and I did a lot of studying about the camera and how to take better pictures."

Then Nermoe decided to help others do the same. She started teaching classes at local art associations like Glynn Art on St. Simons Island as well as the Jekyll Island Art Association.

Over time, the lessons started to have an unforeseen benefit - Nermoe's photography skills started to improve.

"As I learned more about it and was able to teach it, my photographic skills kept improving, and I got involved in the Coastal Photographers Guild and also attending several photo workshop weekends where I could learn more about technique," she said.

Now Nermoe takes pictures of almost anything and everything - landscapes and area landmarks.

"Christ Church and those kinds of places. I also love to take pictures of children because they are so much fun to watch and are very uninhibited with their expressions and their actions," she said. "I think I enjoy it because it's fun to try to take a picture and make it interesting and something that other people would like to look at. Our eyes see such a grand vista and when you take a picture, you are narrowing the focus to what you find interesting or important about that scene or subject. And it is fun to see if you can capture with your camera what your mind's eye sees."

Nermoe will be sharing exactly what her own mind sees soon. She is displaying her works, along with local sculptor Rosemary Griggs, at Goodyear Cottage on Jekyll Island. Their joint exhibit will run through the end of June. Nermoe says that she is showcasing several old favorites.

"It is a collection of favorite photographs taken in many different locations and of different subjects. There are several from southern France, many from this area, some from Charleston and the Hilton Head area," she said.

"I am thrilled to be co-exhibiting with Rosemary Griggs who had a fabulous exhibit of her Slightly Skewed Sculpture. We had not met before but I think our works really complement each other. She has a wonderful sense of humor in her sculpture and she is so good at what she does."

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