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Crime Scene, 2.21
Among reports filed with police:

Problem with persons

100 block of Wasp Drive, Glynn County: A man reported a female suspect struck him Sunday. The suspect was arrested and charged with battery.

3600 block of Burroughs Avenue, Glynn County: A male and female suspect were involved in a domestic problem Friday. The male suspect allegedly pushed the female and grabbed her neck. He also threatened to shoot her house and kill her. The female suspect allegedly pushed the male and struck him in the face. The male was arrested and charged with simple battery and terroristic threats. The female was arrested and charged with simple battery.


Parkers at 2051 Perry Lane Road, Glynn County: A woman reported someone stole merchandise from the business Saturday. She said the male suspect attempted to leave the store with merchandise in his pocket. When she confronted him, he gave her three items. She thought he gave her all the merchandise he had, but a customer told her the suspect was eating something outside on the sidewalk. The complainant confronted the suspect a second time, and he fled the scene. No arrests were made.

Belk at 200 Mall Blvd., Glynn County: A man reported a female suspect attempted to leave the store without paying for merchandise Saturday. She was apprehended by the complainant and arrested by the responding officer. She was charged with shoplifting.

4000 block of Whitlock Street, Glynn County: A man reported someone stole a drill from his shop Saturday. He said the drill had been on a table. It was valued at $1,800.


TJ Maxx at 151 Golden Isles Plaza, Glynn County: A man told police a male suspect shoplifted from the store Saturday. A witness saw the suspect take items from the shelves and put them in a plastic bag. When the complainant attempted to stop him, the suspect struck him and pushed him. The suspect fled the scene after dropping the bag.

-Nick Nichols

The Brunswick News

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