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Canal Road next in line for upgrades
With road construction finished on New Jesup Road, the Glynn County Commission turned its focus Thursday to Canal Road.

At its regular meeting, the commission awarded a contract worth $229,454 to complete the Canal Road intersection to Allen Owens Construction and Paving by a 6-0 vote. (Commissioner Bob Coleman was absent.)

The project, which is expected to be done by the end of the year, will bring a left-turn lane to the intersection at the intersection of Canal Road and Golden Isles Parkway.

Concerns about whether adding a left-turn lane without adding a left turning light were raised by Commissioner Richard Strickland, whose wife was involved in a car collision at the intersection.

Dave Hainley, director of Community Development, said no light would be installed at this time because the Georgia Department of Transportation would have to reset all the other lights along the parkway, also known as Ga. Spur 25, and there's isn't enough traffic to warrant it.

"It would be a timing issue. They would have to re-sync every light on there," Hainley told the commissioners. "(GDOT doesn't) want to do the intersection until we get heavier (traffic) demand for it."

In other business, the commissioners unanimously approved funding for additional sandbar warning signs for $25,000. Treyus Coleman, 16, drowned last month after stepping off the Atlantic Ocean side of the sandbar that runs along the beach near the St. Simons Island pier.

The commission also approved a new agreement with the Civil Air Patrol, which had been grounded since July 1 until a new deal with the county was reached to pay for fuel pilots use on their evening flights to look for boaters in distress.

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