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Volunteers collect 840 pounds of litter
The will to get up early on Saturday mornings often stops somewhere between the ages of watching Saturday morning cartoons and going to high school.

It would almost seem as though a triggering mechanism to not get out of bed the first day of a weekend activates once we become teenagers.

However, 21 volunteers battled that urge to pull the covers over their heads this past Saturday, got out of bed before 9 a.m., and helped clean up eight miles of Ga. 251 in McIntosh County.

Among the volunteers was a 76-year-old Darien resident who acknowledges that he does not move very fast or see very well, and wanted to participate without any public recognition.

He has helped tidy up roads in McIntosh County the past seven years, but this past Saturday was his first time to volunteer with Keep McIntosh Beautiful, the organization behind the cleanup along part of the state road from Darien to Townsend.

"It's very good exercise for me and it's good for the county," he said. "I'm glad to do it."

With his help, Keep McIntosh Beautiful cleared away 840 pounds of litter. For Julie Dean, executive director of Keep McIntosh Beautiful, that amount of trash was well worth the early morning wake-up.

However, there was never a goal in Dean's mind of how much trash needed to be picked up. For the three hours the volunteers worked, the only goal was to pick up whatever litter they saw.

"We don't have a set goal. Our goal is to get out there and pick up that trash," Dean said.

This was the third major cleanup of the year for the group. At a cleanup in March, volunteers picked up 2,100 pounds of litter, and in June they gathered 1,280 pounds.

Tyler Mixon, a Shellman Bluff resident, also put in volunteer hours this past weekend.

"We all have to live on this Earth together," Mixon said. "We might as well do it cleaner."

The fourth and final major cleanup of the year will be Dec. 7.

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