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Lesson hones in on creation
Sean Meek has a unique way of teaching the creation of the world.

Instead of teaching Creationism and Evolution as two separate theories that may explain how and why things came to be, Meek combines the two to show how they are one and the same.

For Meek, a Christian man, things in the universe couldn't have changed over time without God's help.

He travels around the country teaching this theory to people and brought the Creation workshop to Heritage Christian Academy on U.S. 341 in Glynn County on Thursday to show students how animals and plants appear different but are structurally the same as humans.

"Can you think of a single thing in the entire universe that makes itself?" asked Meek. "It's impossible. Nothing can make itself. Someone has to make it happen. Everything has to be made by somebody."

While everything appears different in terms of form and function, all things are the same in terms of structure, and this can only be if they have the same creator, Meek said.

The first experiment the students did was dissect a frog. Sophomore Hayden McKim says cutting open the frog helped him visualize Meek's message.

"We saw that this muscle is the same as humans," said Hayden referring to the muscles in the frog's leg. "It's vertebrae is just like ours. This makes it real, you know. This is God's creation. He made us similar to other animals but not the same."

Freshman Olivia Hickson wasn't sure what to expect from the workshop. She had heard it was boring from some friends who had participated in it the previous year, but after dissecting a frog and playing around with owl pellets, which is essentially a round mass of owl vomit - she couldn't agree less.

"A lot of people said this was going to be boring. It's not," she said. "It's fun and it's a new experience."

The afternoon class with 18 students, divided into groups of six, dipped the owl pellets into a white bowl filled with water to break up the brown clump of vomit to find the remains of the animal the owl had consumed before it regurgitated. The lesson was to find the bones and show how the bones are similar to that of the frog and of humans.

The final test the intrigued students did was extract DNA from wheat. This shows the students that all living things have DNA, whether it's human, wheat or another animal.

"The structure is identical. The information and content is what's different," said Meek. "They're similar, but they're significantly different because God made it that way.

"This is all about biology and how it shows God's hands."

* Reporter Martin Rand III covers local news. Contact him at, on Facebook, or at 265-8320, ext. 324.

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