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Sub base ditching decals
ST. MARYS -- Window decals will no longer be required for motorists to enter Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay as of July 1.

The decision to eliminate the decals is part of a Navy-wide cost saving measure, said Scott Bassett, a public affairs officer at Kings Bay.

Eliminating the decals will save the base thousands of dollars each year in materials alone, he said.

The decals are issued for vehicles owned by sailors, contractors, civilian and Department of Defense employees and others who conduct business there.

"The sticker doesn't even say whose vehicle it is," Bassett said of one reason the Navy has decided to stop issuing decals.

Temporary decals with an expiration date no later than July 1 are the only ones currently being issued, he said.

Eliminating the decals will not make it easier to get on the high-security base, however. The driver and all passengers in every vehicle will still be required to show identifications to security guards to verify proper base access.

All vehicles entering the base are also subject to random searches, as well as administrative checks, to verify proper vehicle licensing, valid insurance and registration.

Security guards who typically salute a vehicle with an officer's decal as it pulls up to the checkpoint will wait until they check all identifications in the vehicle, Bassett said.

"They will salute after the card is returned," he said.

Savings from the change in policy will be used to support other essential force protection programs, Bassett said.

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